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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Of Time and the СHECKIANT. We are launching a new blog about the time tracking software development

Начинаем вести блог о продуктивности Checkiant

Welcome, dear friends!

Today is a significant date for us - we are starting up our own blog about the development process of our brainchild called Checkiant and personal & team productivity.

We have a small web studio, and we've realized after a while that we need a special tool for time and earnings tracking. We were searching the software that completely satisfies our needs among the existing ones, but never found. So, we've decided to create our own service. Some of the found tools turned out to be excessively cumbersome and difficult (we didn't want to waste much time for the exploring, and the non-intuitive interface was challenging to use). The other ones were too simple and had a lack of important functions, e.g. the earnings counting, time tracking stopping, message sending, and other useful stuff.

Just in a couple of evenings, we've programmed our software in PHP and started to use it at once. We were pleased, that our creation worked out exactly to our liking. Thereafter, everybody writes a work plan in the morning, and then note what is done in the evening. It's become easy to monitor the team effectiveness in the month-end for a manager and define personal effectiveness for any team member, in the meantime. The salary counting has become a totally transparent process. The salary calculation formula was taken from abstract and subjective components like «I think he were overworked (underworked)» or «what project he had spent his time on?»

Now, as a manager so all staff may see the number of hours worked and resolved tasks, that helps to plan the project development and work in general more effective.

After using our tool for a while, we've realized that it deals with the task, and we just have to share it with other work teams. Over the past few months, this project is still under development. We try to expand the functionality without complicating to make this program suitable not only for teams but also for private individuals, like freelancers.

In this blog, we are going to tell you about our work and challenges in the process of development, ask you some advice, dear readers (and the future users, we hope).

So… Ready… Set… Go, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Translation from: О времени и о Сheckiant. Запускаем блог о разработке сервиса для учета времени