Free use of Checkiant time tracker for 1 month

free time tracker Checkiant

The quarantine caused an unplanned failure in the working regime of many companies. We sincerely want to help make the transition to remote work as easy as possible. Therefore, we provide all companies and individuals who have been forced to switch to remote work with free access for 1 month to our product - Checkiant time tracker.

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Top 12 programs for remote work during the quarantine

a program for remote work

Due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, the offices are closed for quarantine. The abrupt shutdown of many enterprises leads to serious consequences in the economy. To save the workflow, many companies offer employees remote work at home during the quarantine period using a variety of remote programs.

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Top 8 causes of chronic fatigue syndrome

causes of chronic fatigue syndrome

Does mornings become less and less good every day? After work, you only have the strength to go to bed, but you can 't sleep? Can you lose your temper in seconds? It may just have been a busy week, but if the symptoms have lingered, there is a chance that you have chronic fatigue syndrome.

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Simple and convenient work hours tracker Checkiant

working time tracker

The work time tracker is necessary for better organization of your work and getting everything done on time. After all, the ability to use your time efficiently is one of the most important skills today. But, unfortunately, not everyone is aware of how important it is to control the hours and even minutes of your life. Here the question arises: how to organize your time to achieve the best results and not be distracted by "something interesting". And if you have already come face to face with problem, it's time to get acquainted with work time tracker Checkiant.

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OKR for company development

okr goals

Today determines what will happen tomorrow. Executing the current plan, we will be able to achieve all our goals step by step. You can use different methods to achieve results. The advantage of OKR method is that  it'is simple to use. It allows you to develop a system of actions and to make a structured plan of tasks for a long time period. It is not for nothing that such popular companies as Google, LinkedIn, Intel, Twitter and others use it.

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