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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Chronodex: the Great and Powerful

The circular time tracking system Chronodex

The circular time tracking system was created in 2012 by a Japanese named Patrick Ng and found many fans around the world. It has become popular among creative persons who do not like standard diaries. Despite its unusual appearance, this is a fairly simple and creative method of time visualizing.

Chronodex is a great way to control time, which allows you to keep track of your activity throughout the day. It is enough to analyze a few days to find flaws in your schedule and fix them. However, the creating and filling of these circles brings so much pleasure, so it very quickly turns into a favorite activity.

How to use Chronodex?

Everything begins with the template preparation, which you can draw by yourself or download free from the official site. It is a special circle with sectors, which is drawn on the principle of hours and is divided into 12 parts. You can use the 12-hour system, ignoring the sleep time, or 24-hour, moving on the second circle. In the center of the circle, write the current date and start keeping records.

When you wake up, put a point on the "dial" and start counting. For example, 15 minutes - morning exercises, 15 minutes - water procedures, and 30 minutes - breakfast. Here, the first hour of a day is already full. In this case, it will be convenient to track the time using Checkiant time tracker. The sectors can be signed, shaded or painted with colored pencils, which looks very nice. You can come up with colors for the main activities in advance and use them. For example, blue is hygiene, green is sport, red is food.

There are 3 different lengths of time division (short, medium and long). They are designed to mark simultaneous actions. When you perform a task that cannot be confused with another (video shooting, working), then fill the sector to its full length, you can even go beyond the lines. When you perform two tasks at the same time (having breakfast and TV watching), you will color a part of the sector height with one color, and the rest - the other to represent the 2 types of tasks that you did during this period.

Other circular time control systems

After a while, users began to improve this system and add their own changes. Therefore, Hyperdex has appeared. It is slightly different in structure, but identical in principle. This circle is equipped with 24 circles representing the clock. It has several cells leading to the center, which allows better time tracking and planning. They can be used to divide the hour, several different tasks tracking or for any other purposes.

Another transformation is Spiraldex. This system is even more versatile and simple. It is named after its spiral shape. It uses 24 hours (or as much as you draw) and only one cell for each hour. If you want to mark several tasks at the same time, you can shade the sector in two colors, or fill in half with one color and half with another.

Advantages of graphic time recording

Does it seems to you that you are always active and busy, but "diligent activity" does not bring any result? After a simple analysis, it becomes clear that most of the day is spent on surfing the Internet, watching TV or just doing nothing. Here it is, the reason for low productivity and chronic fatigue is found.

A constant time controlling is difficult enough, but this is a very useful lesson. When you begin to sketch everything, you can get a colorful and clear picture of your day to see what precious time is wasted on. In addition, it brings not only benefits, but also aesthetic pleasure. So, analyze your day, correct the flaws and become a productive person!

Translation from: Chronodex: великий и ужасный