Working online: how to work better in the new year?

apps for online work

Interestingly, over the past two covid years, office workers' productivity has increased by 10%-30%. Can such a leap be explained? Of course it can. It's very simple: the pandemic forced managers to shift their employees to remote work.

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Checkiant Time tracker – employee performance statistics and much more

Managing a company with a large number of employees is not easy. It is necessary to monitor both, the team, as a single integral mechanism, and each individual employee.

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Time Tracker is the best HR manager assistant

productive personnel management

The demand in the HR manager profession is constantly growing. In 2022, according to experts on statistics, this growth will only increase. The company pays special attention to personnel management, recruitment, hiring and training of new employees. This activity requires full commitment from the HR manager.

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Why is Checkiant an ideal working time tracker for companies, medium and small businesses, freelancers?

online time tracker

Procrastination, laziness and inability to plan are the three main enemies of productivity. They are the most difficult to defeat, because the employeeы simply doesn't notice how suddenly they become distracted by checking email, talking to colleagues, or a coffee break. There is a way to eradicate these distractions of office employees — and this is a time tracker.

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Employee time study with a time tracker Checkiant

employee time study

According to statistics, 30-40% of the working time of employees in companies is spent on solving personal issues: tea breaks, phone talking, social networks, walking to a pharmacy/store/shopping center/school or kindergarten. This is an impressive part of the working day. To monitor the events in the office, the manager can use a time tracker and regularly analyze the working time of each individual employee.

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