Mind Mapping

The Mind Map method is a visualization technique that helps you learn new information or solve a problem. If the usual methods of remembering of the new information and planning seem outdated to You, we offer to get acquainted with Mind Maps. Believe us, despite what You do in life, you will definitely like the Mind Mapping method.

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The first user of our time tracking system and beta-version updates - 1.12 [BETA]

Aloha, friends! I have 3 good news.

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Oh yeah! Meet a new huuge update of the web-version Checkiant 1.10 [BETA]

Oh yeah! Meet a new huuge update of the web-version Checkiant 1.10 [BETA]

Hello friends! Yura is in touch.

We rolled out just a huge update to the Checkiant web-version! New design, paid features, updates in the profile, access system for subordinates, reports and automatic reports, filters, support for date and time zone formats on all pages, and much, much more! I would like to write about each feature, each bug fixed separately, but we are so actively working on it now that there is no time for description. Therefore, I just give some comments of our development team and some screenshots of the screens (at random):

  •  Design is updated on all pages except intervals (still in progress). This is a huge amount of work, I would like to talk about each page separately, but, unfortunately, there is no time for this.
  • All forms with dates using time zones are updated. Imagine, before we did not support time zones!
  • Mobile version is improved, but not everywhere yet. The main functionality on the mobile phone is still working like a bastard! But don’t worry - we are working on it!
  • The structure of the interval database has been updated (intervals are the basis of time tracking).
  • Data filters are updated on all pages.
  • Pagination is added on all pages.
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Waiting for our big update of Checkiant - 1.10 [BETA]

Waiting for our big update of Checkiant  - 1.10 [BETA]

Wait a bit! We are almost ready to roll out our new version of Checkiant with HUUUGE amount of new features :)




Checkiant - Web-version 1.9 [BETA] - A Little Comfort

Checkiant - Web-версия 1.9 [BETA] - Немного удобств

The list with updated:

  • The separation of access to the management of the rates for 1) your own rate view in the timer/report и 2) rate management, including your own
  • User menu is moved to the left.
  • An eye has been added to the profile rate.
  • An eye has been added to hide a rate on users page
  • The display order on the report page has been changed: now the total is displayed first, and below - the details. It used to be the opposite.
  • The display of control buttons on the report page and on the page with all check-ins was improved.


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