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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Why is Checkiant an ideal working time tracker for companies, medium and small businesses, freelancers?

Procrastination, laziness and inability to plan are the three main enemies of productivity. They are the most difficult to defeat, because the employeeы simply doesn't notice how suddenly they become distracted by checking email, talking to colleagues, or a coffee break. There is a way to eradicate these distractions of office employees — and this is a time tracker.

Attempts to find a suitable application can take a long time because of their wide variety. To save your time, you can immediately go to the top programs, one of which is a simple time tracker Checkiant with a wide range of functionality for medium and small businesses, managers of office and remote employees, as well as independent freelancers.

Advantages and useful options of the Checkiant time tracker for companies

Statistics show that almost 80% of companies around the world use time and payroll accounting or time tracking programs. If an employee doesn't fulfill his duties, it means that he doesn't make a profit for his employer, and this is a direct way to dismissal.

Every company have the same scheme: employees bring money to the employer, and he, in turn, also rewards them with money, paying wages. Often the work is based on the interest rates, that is, the amount earned by the employee directly depends on the amount of his remuneration. Business is a harsh thing, and in order to survive in it, you need to constantly increase your productivity. A simple and convenient work time tracker app Checkiant helps to cope with this task.

Let's see how this program can be useful to the head of the company in 2022. The main advantage of software Checkiant is the administration system with the following options:

  • Manager can track the working and shirking from work employees.
  • Creation of reports on projects and clients, on all types of work for different time periods.
  • Tracking and analyzing the work efficiency of each employee individually and a group of employees.

Additionally, the online time tracker gives the manager such opportunities as:

  • a collective video conference;
  • a set of tools for monitoring and managing the team – viewing the latest completed tasks, which are grouped by day, viewing work yesterday/the day before/and on any other day, as well as checking clients and projects for them, viewing work reports, setting rates (hourly pay);
  • control options – configure access rights to each team member;
  • functions for competent work load allocation between employees.

Thanks to the free monthly period, you can use the Checkiant time tracker to test all available functions and tools, check their effectiveness and impact on the productivity of individual employees and entire teams.

The automatic time tracking system will become a faithful assistant to each boss, as it will independently analyze the work of subordinates, monitor human and monetary resources in the company, identify the "weak link" of the team, income and costs, and thereby increase labor productivity. And no one wants to be fired!

work time tracker

Time tracker for business

For a business owner, the most important thing is to increase the productivity of employees, labor efficiency and profit of the enterprise. It's important to spend less than to earn. If every employee in the team is a good specialist who performs his duties and brings profit, then the business is doomed to success. To set up workers on the right work wave, to increase their desire to work, it will be quite possible if you install the Checkiant time tracker application on their phone or computer/tablet/laptop.

Using a tracker in business is useful for many reasons. Among them:

  • there is an automatic calculation of wages based on the specified hourly rate;
  • tracking of employees engaged in work and those who are resting, dealing with personal issues during working hours, absent from the workplace;
  • for employees working on a flexible schedule, it's possible to fix their working hours;
  • employees can see how much they have earned for a particular period, which will significantly increase their motivation;
  • you can see the effectiveness of each employee's work – no matter where and when he/she is situated. If a worker perform the work in the right volume and in the right time, the manager will have no complaints against him.

Time tracking is suitable for businesses that employ specialists working on a flexible schedule, remote work or part-time employees.

Regarding remote workers in business, it is more difficult for managers to keep track of them, since they do all the work outside the office. For remote employees whose work allows them to travel — it is better to use a time tracker on the phone or on the laptop and always be in touch with your subordinate.

Using this program helps to understand two key issues that are important for any business, namely:

1. Time analysis. Every business owner needs to understand what his subordinates — remote or office — spend their working time on. Each employee performs dozens tasks per day. This number includes both work duties and personal ones — to have a snack, go to an ATM, answer a call, check social networks, etc. How can one person keep track of the whole team and all these actions of each of them? The program will calculate the total amount of working hours during the working day. A manager can use such timing to understand how productive each employee is, who pulls the team to the bottom, and who needs to have a bonus for a great work performed quickly.

2. Tracking the structure of the business and the amount of contribution to it of each employee. This function is important for managers of the entire team. The app allows to define who is a good employee and who is not. With the help of a time tracker, it's possible to identify such a moment: two subordinates take different amounts of time to solve the same task.

Using a time tracker is an opportunity to divide employees' time into "productive" and "inefficient", as well as "cheap" and "expensive", because the quality of quickly performed work is also important.

Checkiant time tracker for freelancer: useful functions and features

For freelancers, to track the time of their work and inactivity is one of the primary tasks in organizing of a working day. Procrastination primarily concerns remote employees. The Checkiant time tracker will solve this problem by providing the following options:

  • easy and simple time tracking;
  • the function of selecting the type of work and the client;
  • making reports on projects and clients, which is convenient when working with several clients at once;
  • tracking the working dynamics for the month/week;
  • the function of setting hourly rates for a separate project and for a specific client.

The working time tracker program helps to improve concentration, develop self-discipline, increase motivation, because it will become clear how many hours are wasted and how much money is lost, respectively.

If the program is using by one user— the service is free. So for a freelancer, Checkiant becomes a gold mine that allows you to adjust your work schedule, automate part of the work and you don't have to spend a penny on all this.

Remote employees — copywriters, designers, programmers, SEO optimizers, SMM specialists, editors, architects, illustrators, content managers and many other specialists – will like the simple tracker of working hours for free.

Checkiant time tracker in the IT Sphere

In any IT business, sooner or later, time tracking programs are installed to control developers. A time tracker for developers is a necessary app, since the specialty is partly creative and subordinates can be both 100% focused on work, and detached from it, withdrawing in search of inspiration. The manager needs to understand how is the execution of the work moving and how effective each developer is for business.

Among the advantages of the Checkiant application for IT companies are:

  • analysis of the volume of work performed;
  • checking the veracity of the words of a specialist — he can perform a task in an hour, but assure that he spent half a day on work;
  • stay up to date and not worry that the project that is needed by tomorrow will not be completed on time.


No manager can keep tracking of the productive and inactive hours of each of his/her employees. But it can be done automatically if you use the app to track time.

Checkiant will be an ideal tracker of working hours for medium and small businesses, companies, including IT studios, as well as for freelancers working for themselves or in a team.

The app, in addition to analyzing the worked hours, will help calculate wages, compile reports for a week or a month, arrange video conferences, track the statistics of each team, identify weak and strong employees.

These options greatly simplify the performance of work duties. The administration is much more likely to cope with inspections, reporting, and maintaining various documentation. All documents will always be "at hand" in a digital version. Therefore, additional time savings are also guaranteed, and since a time resource is the main thing that a person has, it is worth thinking about implementing a tracker in business and making it a priority.

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