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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Checkiant - a friend or enemy to office workers?

Checkiant is not an ordinary time tracker. It helps easily track your own performance, count the length of the working day, analyze the time spent on a particular project, monitor earnings, and get visual reports. Thus, you can take control of your work and personal life in order to become a more successful person. It seems to be a very useful program designed to help freelancers, remote and stationary workers, who want to work more productively and earn more. Standard functionality is enough to perform all the necessary tasks. However, the abundance of additional application features can turn it into a real monster

What if Checkiant falls into the wrong hands?

Checkiant is a program for employee monitoring, which is great for large and small work teams. Using this application, you can constantly monitor the subordinates and watch their every move. The manager will know absolutely everything about them: from the average delay time to the duration of a lunch break to the nearest second. At any moment, he will be able to check what the employee is doing and compare his productivity with others, even being in another part of the world. He will be able to determine the location of the employee, see the current list of his tasks and evaluate the effectiveness of their solution. In addition, in a matter of minutes, he could easily check the tasks that were performed by a subordinate a week, month or year ago. The despotic chief will be able to use this information against employees, imposing fines for any violation and taking a penny from the salary for every underworked minute.

He who does not work, neither shall he eat

With the implementation of Checkiant, you can forget about a stable salary, since earnings here directly depend on the number of hours worked. This program for workers control uses time as the main indicator of labor efficiency. All employees have their own rate, so for the same number of hours worked, everyone will receive different income. Thus, you won’t get the desired salary, if you honestly do not work the right amount of time. On the other hand, everyone has the opportunity to get an increase in the salary or rate, working every day a little longer. The boss will definitely appreciate such persistence since every overworked minute will also be taken into account.

Why Checkiant won’t be the enemy of humanity?

Information is a useful thing when you use it correctly. Checkiant provides the manager with all the information about his subordinates in order to analyze the company’s problems generally and jointly solve them. The success of an enterprise depends on the work of each employee, so everyone should analyze their effectiveness and work not only on projects but also on themselves.

Therefore, Checkiant is a program for labor control which gives the necessary information to all employees of the organization. All employees can analyze their employment throughout the day, calculate earnings, compare results with colleagues, and find their weaknesses. After a simple analysis, you could make plans, set goals, and improve yourself. Coming to work a little earlier and working a little longer, a person develops self-discipline, opens new perspectives, and helps the team to work productively and cohesively. Only in this way, can you develop your company and become successful together.

We do not support totalitarian principles and cruel rules used by unscrupulous managers. If your boss use his position, then you and Checky didn’t found a suitable job yet. Perhaps, you should turn to the workers' rights organization.

Translation from: Checkiant - друг или враг офисного работника?