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Web-версия Checkiant 1.2 [beta] - лендинг, мультиязычность и т.д

I've decided to do weekly updates. Taste version 1.2, hot from the pot! Front-end design of the site is added (this includes landing page and other front-end pages support), beautiful sliders, multilanguage support and much more!

Version 1.2 features list::

  1. +Smart slider support is added.
  2. +AJAX-loading of content upon clicking on links is provided instead of the whole page reloading.
  3. +Sub-templates support [for developers] is added.
  4. +Opening front-end pages without logging in is enabled.
  5. +Redirects from front-end and back-end main pages for logged in and non-logged in users are added.
  6. +404 page template is changed.
  7. +Basic multilanguage support is added.
  8. +Home page (landing page) for guests is developed..
  9. +Beautiful slides are added on the Home page.
  10. +Unnecessary broken links on the landing page are removed.
  11. +Login and Registration pages are provided with a link to the Home page.
  12. +Section "My Settings" is added.
  13. +Interface language option in "My Settings" is added.
  14. +"My Settings", "My Employees", "My Authorizations" are added to the profile drop-down menu.
  15. +Order of tabs in the profile is changed, password change menu is moved up to section "User Settings".
  16. +Basic web-sockets support is added with a view to future updates.