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Top 10 techniques for work motivation

Sometimes you don't want to do anything at all? You think: I seems to be a hardworking person, but laziness comes more and more, and it becomes so difficult to work. There is a decline in physical strength, increased irritability, which leads to stress, stagnation in the work and even depression. And which of us will be happy with this prospect? But there is a way out! We offer 10 methods for motivation in work, with which you and your employees will be able to get rid of laziness and increase motivation for work.


 Positive feedback about the employee's work

Praise is a motivational tool that positively affects a person not only in childhood, but also in adulthood. If an employee has given his best when performing a particular task, having spent a lot of time, energy, effort and knowledge, then this must be noted not only personally, but also publicly in the team. Otherwise, a person may assume that their work has no value for the company, so it makes no sense to work better, try harder, and be more effective in performing the tasks assigned to them.


Non-material motivation in the form of competition is a good way to maintain healthy competition in the team. This can be competitions for the status of the best employee of the week, month, year, all sorts of competitions in departments, quests. But this system works when an interesting prize is waiting for the winner!

Growth prospects on the career ladder

No matter how much does a person like his job, but if he doesn't see career prospects in the company, then gradually his motivation for productive work will fade, if it was initially high. Conversely, the possibility of career growth will increase motivation, even if for some reason there was a low level of motivation.


Continuous training of employees, providing them with opportunities to improve their skills is an effective way to motivate them. And this solves the problem not only with low motivation, but also the problem with the insufficient level of qualification of employees, promotes team cohesion, and attracts perspective employeeto the company.

Training can be in the form of classes with a specific team member, in groups by specialization, or collective. Highly qualified colleagues of the company or invited experts can act as a trainer.


A comfortable workplace, a cozy office and recreation area for some prospective employees can become a decisive factor for choosing a place of work, so many companies create the most comfortable working conditions to create a comfortable atmosphere to increase the motivation of staff.

Corporate spirit

At first glance, it may seem that maintaining the corporate spirit of the company is a waste of time and money, but as modern practices shows, this tool is an another effective way to motivate your labourer. Joint holidays, corporate events, trips, picnics, tea parties, etc.are widely implemented in many companies, effectively working to increase the productivity and improve relationships in the team.

Flexible work schedule

If there are employees whose duties don't require punch their clock, you can offer them a flexible work schedule. This tool is a non-standard motivation that contributes the fact that a person has a desire to quickly cope with the task and get additional free time. Such employees are not required to stay in the office during the entire working day, but only to perform their tasks perfectly.

Freedom of action

Another motivation tool for effective work is freedom of action. Practice shows that all team members should not be required to adhere to the same rules when performing tasks. One person is comfortable working in a quiet, secluded place, and the other - in a noisy atmosphere or on the couch, not at the desk. Therefore, if the workflow allows, you should take into account the individual characteristics of employees and not focus on the process of completing tasks, and evaluate the result.

Additional weekends

As a reward for a job well done, you can offer not only a bonus or salary increase, but also an additional day off. This may be more necessary for a person when they need to pay attention to personal affairs or just relax.

Adequate monetary remuneration of labor

Time-tested motivation - adequate monetary remuneration for the employee's work. Every working person, in addition to enjoying the process of work and gaining experience, expects that their work will be adequately paid. Wanting to earn more, a person will work more and better. A simple time tracker Checkiant allows you to track the time spent by an employee on completing tasks and immediately shows how much money was earned. The manager can also monitor the time spent on a particular project by one person or the entire team as a whole and completely control the workflow.

P.S.: Proper and timely motivation of employees can significantly increase the desire of a person to give 100% when performing tasks assigned to them and at the same time get more pleasure from the process itself.

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