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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Why do you need a time tracker for small businesses

Being independent from employers, doing what you love, and making a good profit with a minimum starting capital — are just a few advantages of owning a small business. Moreover, thanks to the existence of small businesses, the number of employments increases significantly, hence, the country's economic indicators increases, too.


1. Best time trackers for small businesses

2. Time tracking helps you o earn more and be more productive

3. Time tracking for subordinates

4. Areas where time tracking is most useful

To survive in business in a fairly tough competition requires considerable effort. Many businessmen still use outdated methods of labor organization. For example, they manually record income in a separate ledger or analyze employee productivity by monitoring them. Now such conservative methods only slow down the successful development of your business. While using a time tracker for small businesses is one of the most convenient and simplest solutions.

Best time trackers for small businesses

The first step to the successful development of any business is the maximum digital optimization of the workflow. So for example, using various applications, you get:

  • automatic time tracking and revenue calculation
  • automatic reporting, 
  • project promotion analysis,
  • control of employees ' activities, etc.

For not to waste time searching for the right software for your company, we offer Top-5 time trackers that will help to bring your small business to a new level.

  1. TMetric. This app not only allows you to clearly know what any of your employees are doing during the working day, but also easily prepare the necessary reports and analytics for a specific period of time. In addition, this time tracker integrates with many necessary services such as Google, Bitrix24, ToDoList and others. A nice bonus for entrepreneurs with a staff of up to 5 people  —  free use.
  2. Checkiant. This time tracking app is indispensable for both managers and subordinates. You can easily manage an entire group and track the actions of all participants. Each employee also has the ability to plan their own day and complete tasks on time.
  3. Trello. Despite the fact that this service is not a time tracker, because it does not have a time tracking function, it remains indispensable for business owners. You can use it to plan every step of the way to achieve your goals in detail. In addition, Trello is as easy as possible. It's enough to create the necessary task on the board and invite members of the project. Moreover, you can use it absolutely for free.
  4. Toggl. Flexible settings, a simple interface and the ability to track time both online and offline allow you to focus even on your tasks. After all, this time tracker for small businesses can take care of everything else. In addition, it can be used on different platforms: IOS, Android, Linux, and in the web version.
  5. Harvest. Thanks to this service, you will no longer need to process information yourself to create detailed reports. With this time tracker, you will get all the information about the project progress in one table in one click. This way you will know exactly about its progress. Harvest also allows you to automatically create invoices for your customers.

 Time hours tracker — an indispensable attribute of the successful development of any enterprise. After all, with its help, you can not only organize high-quality workflow of the entire team, but also avoid many mistakes. This makes it much faster and easier to achieve your desired goals. It's also important to test the functionality of different trackers to start using a free time tracker for small businesses that gives you all you need.

Moreover, knowing only about these 5 trackers, you can easily choose the best time tracking app for small businesses.

Time tracking helps you to earn more and be more productive

Nothing improves a business like detailed information about every minute spent. By monitoring the performance and productivity indicators of your team, you, as a manager, will be able to assess not only the professionalism of a particular subordinate, but also the general mood of your team.

Moreover, using the time tracker to calculate the revenue of your business, even per minute, is not difficult. With all this data at your disposal, it becomes easier to move towards to a high goal. Thanks to this process optimization, you will clearly see both the strengths and weaknesses of your business. And soon after the applying of time tracking, you will notice increasing of your profit.

Time tracking for subordinates

Proper use of time is important not only for the boss, but also for each employee. After all, this can help you to avoid many negative factors that affect the overall quality of work. So, for example, the problem of violating deadlines will disappear, because the employee will know exactly how much time is left before the project has to be completed and what stage he is now. In addition, the time tracker will help you to solve the problem of burnout and fatigue at work. After all, a well-planned schedule is one of the most effective methods to cope with this problem.

Areas where time tracking is most useful

We  are shure that for the successful development of absolutely any business, the using of time tracking trackers is a must. After all, if you lose time, you lose your income. At the same time, the most common areas that use time trackers are:

  • IT-sphere;
  • Online selling businesses;
  • Online media editorial offices;
  • Freelancers.

We hope that this article will help you to choose the best time tracker for your business and make the most of your time!

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