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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings


Checkiant - Теперь юзер видет, сколько он отработал часов каждый день

Last week, Checkiant has reached the age of 1 month old! Hooray!

We have 2 registered users who have appeared from somewhere. It is strange because we haven’t given an advertising yet. Unfortunately one of them did not even confirm the mail, but the second one did it but hasn’t done a single checkin. However this is a great result, so let's assume that the ice has been broken!

Now the report on the most important thing about the product: the planned update is already functioning so be ready to use it.


The list of improvements made in the last sprint:

  • My checkins - display the date and the duration at the top of the interval block.
  • The current time in the active (green) interval changes in real time.
  • The amount of time worked is displayed at the top near the button and changes in real time.
  • The amount of money earned is displayed at the top near the button and changes in real time.
  • The ability to hide the money icon and display it only if clicked on the "eye" button at the top of the checker.
  • The module on the main page "who is online" - the basic version without any complications.
  • The outdated page "My Chekins" was deleted.
  • "My Chekins" are displayed on the main page of the checkins.
  • If there is no project or client in the interval, the aforementioned are not displayed therefore the message is expanded.
  • A bug with the opening of the left menu items after redirection to the "All Chekins" page is fixed.
  • Google analytics has been added in the backend.
  • Google analytics has been added to the frontend.
  • Google analytics is updated to work with SPA.

Dashboard is not very informative, but, as they say, the road of a thousand leagues begins with the first step.


And this is how the settings page looks like:

Only forward! Not a step back!