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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Checkiant - Web-version 1.4 [BETA] - BUY EVENTS! HELLO INTERVALS!

Checkiant - Web-версия 1.4 [BETA] - Пока события! Привет интервалы!


The first experiment with time intervals is declared functioning! Previously, it was possible to view only events: at some moment a checkin happened, at another one - a checkout or a pause began/finished, and so on. Now we don’t display events, but time intervals, which is more convenient, logical and correct, in our opinion.

Тhat is, one line is no longer an event, but a couple of events: the beginning and end of the interval. We also display the duration of the interval and mark the current interval, which is not yet finished in green. Such an approach to displaying data (not event-based, but interval based) is standard in all time trackers known to us, now Checkiant has also acquired this basic function!

In our opinion, this screen is the most important in the whole of Checkiant, therefore we will still work on this basic version of the display of checkers, dear friends! 

This is how it looks in real time (see the video below).

  1. The basic functionality is made, displaying "My check-ins" in the shape of time intervals, and not in the shape of single check-ins/checkouts
  2. Added support for various formats for displaying time, date and time intervals.


See you later!