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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Happy Holidays!

Another year comes to an end. This year has brought us events and emotions that we will warmly remember with gratitude. However, much more lies ahead!

Chekky knows best how hard and effectively we all have worked this year and how much have achieved. But holidays suggest us press pause and stop to assess the work accomplished, to share the joy with loved ones, to draw up plans and to press start again with renewed vigour.

We have decided to sum up too

For Checkiant, 2018 year was special because this year the beta-version of the time-tracker has been launched. Then 7 updates, more than 30 additions, first customers and first but sure steps on the road to success. Much more updates, running full version, attraction of new customers and team expansion are planned.

Press stop

We stop to wish the friends of Checkiant Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Also we would like to express our appreciation to those who work on the project, support us and share the joy of our advances. We encourage you to spend holiday time with those who are dear to you and save work for later.

Checkiant wishes you joyous Holiday Season and Happy New Year 2019!

Let the New Year be even more productive, effective and, but above all, happier for everyone! May your dreams come true. Checkiant will continue to be your non-replaceable assistant in goal achievement!

Up to new starts, Checkiant Team