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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Checkiant - Web-version 1.8 [BETA] - Hourly rate system is READY

Checkiant - Web-версия 1.8 [BETA] - Система почасовых рейтов ГОТОВА


We had a pause in work and, unfortunately, we are forced to slow down the development process.

Yesterday we completed the hourly / monthly rates, and also corrected the reports using both types of rates. Why is Checkiant cool? 

The fact that we have not only hourly rates (as other time trackers have), but also monthly. How do they work? A user who has access to the management of rates can set a monthly rate for himself and his subordinates, for example, $1000. In the report, you can specify how many hours was worked for a specified period, for example, 100. This means that in this month the hourly payment = $10/hour. In another month (with a different number of hours an monthly rate) the hourly rate may be different. 

Of course, a standard rate option - hourly - is also available.

I wish your rates and incomes increase!