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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Oh yeah! Meet a new huuge update of the web-version Checkiant 1.10 [BETA]

Oh yeah! Meet a new huuge update of the web-version Checkiant 1.10 [BETA]

Hello friends! Yura is in touch.

We rolled out just a huge update to the Checkiant web-version! New design, paid features, updates in the profile, access system for subordinates, reports and automatic reports, filters, support for date and time zone formats on all pages, and much, much more! I would like to write about each feature, each bug fixed separately, but we are so actively working on it now that there is no time for description. Therefore, I just give some comments of our development team and some screenshots of the screens (at random):

  •  Design is updated on all pages except intervals (still in progress). This is a huge amount of work, I would like to talk about each page separately, but, unfortunately, there is no time for this.
  • All forms with dates using time zones are updated. Imagine, before we did not support time zones!
  • Mobile version is improved, but not everywhere yet. The main functionality on the mobile phone is still working like a bastard! But don’t worry - we are working on it!
  • The structure of the interval database has been updated (intervals are the basis of time tracking).
  • Data filters are updated on all pages.
  • Pagination is added on all pages.

  • Letters were updated and a system for sending letters with templates was introduced.

  • A character Checky has been added, with ears growing as the user works.
  • Reports are updated for all users. There are so many changes in reports that their description will be a separate article.
  • Automatic monthly and weekly reports were created. Together with the setting “First working day of the week” weekly reports work perfectly!
  • In the profile, the account id has been changed to my if the ID matches the user ID
  • A proto-API was created with the first method, which so far returns the data of the current user.
  • Laid the first foundations in Checkiant Chrome Extension.

  • Refactoring: walk around the project and replace the old method “user_access_check” with new ones.
  • Refactoring: Go through and replace everywhere Access::check.
  • Remove SMS from the page of all users (this functionality is temporarily disabled).
  • Correct profile change.
  • Pop-ups with tips are added on all pages;

  • When adding a user to the company, give him/her default access right away.
  • When creating a company, give the creator all the Enterprise accesses at once.
  • App::$current_subscription заменить на current_published_subscription.
  • Accesses cannot be disabled because they are in the more expensive package and are included at the same time. It should be either disabled, but enabled for the package where you cannot remove this access (for example, “advanced reports on clients and projects”). Add the correct access to the migration for new developers.

  • Add the correct accesses to the migration for new developers.
  •  Fix the bug: when we give only access to change our access to the database, the default value should be set for all other accesses, and now sometimes it’s true, sometimes it’s false.
  • Formulate a list of accesses and feature packages.
  • Add access control to the controllers.

  • Users - change access to the company on the users page.
  • You have a trial period at the top right and bottom left should vary depending on the status of the subscription.
  • Do not allow taking away access to the company from you.
  • Cache of duplicate database queries for optimization. Now there are 2-3 times fewer requests on all pages, which is good news.

  • Display a red message if the package is not renewed or not paid after the trial.
  • User settings - fix the layout and make 2 columns on the cell phone.
  • Editing access based on packages, as well as checking on the current user.
  • Accesses are already displayed on the access page, considering all packages and the current one.

  • Under the change button, you need to write the date of the next debiting or write that the money will not be debited anymore, and also display an alert with a warning about deactivation of the current subscription and activation of a new one. It’s necessary to inform that it will be necessary to re-enter the payment data, since we do not save them.
  • When subscribing or renewing the subscription, the date and time should not be set to the current one, but taken from the server’s response, namely 'create_date' and 'end_date', so that people cannot emulate such requests and renew the subscription without payment.
  • When paying, the correct date/time of payment is now set and it will not be possible to send out replies already sent to us in order to renew by the current date.

  • When subscribing, an invoice is no longer created. An invoice is only created upon receipt of a successful payment status.
  • All methods in packages are refactored.
  • All methods in subscriptions are refactored.
  • All methods in payments are refactored.

  • The page for displaying all subscriptions for the super admin.
  • Bug with assoc in editing packages. Whatever it means for those who are out of place.
  • Bug with assoc in displaying all projects / clients.
  • In my subscription Annual subscription: 0$ / year.
  • Showing my subscription.
  • Liqpay.com payment is updated.

  •  Add currency to company settings.
  • Take currency from company settings for rates (create, edit, display).
  • Take currency from company settings for users.
  • Missing currency from the counter.
  • Template for a report on a new design.

  • Displaying public packages on the landing page.
  • Remove monthly rates. Temporarily. Then we add back, because this is our unique selling proposition.
  • Add a display of money in different formats and relevant setting on the company settings page.
  • Rates (time zones).
  • The date was inserted in rates incorrectly, although the time zone was correct. The current date was set yesterday for some reason. It is fixed.
  • When registering a user, give him/her Enterprise access by default.

  • Change the number of people in the subscription.
  • Change the type of subscription (year / month) in the subscription.
  • Change the subscription package in the subscription.
  • Processing callbacks from the payment service.
  • Check the language when subscribing.
  • When you click on “Activation” and then on the Liqpay page below write Decline and test it. Also check what will happen if during this time you log out of your account.
  • Activation of the subscription in any of the possible statuses.
  • Deactivating the subscription in any of the possible statuses (when deactivating, you need to delete the old one and create a new subscription, or at least just change its id).

  • Reverse payment - status processing.
  • MainController -> - action_payment_liqpay - returns an error, you need to migrate the code to our updated system.
  • Creating a button for subscription and payment.
  • Create a button to deactivate the subscription.
  • Adding WebHook invoices from Liqpay.
  • Updating unpaid WebHook invoices from Liqpay.

  • Adding paid invoices upon subscription and successful payment.
  • Test how the activation of the subscription will work if you do not specify the phone number of the user who is subscribing


Despite this huge amount of updates, I believe that Checkiant is still at the BETA stage.

Expect a new grandiose update of the main functionality!