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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

The first user of our time tracking system and beta-version updates - 1.12 [BETA]

Aloha, friends! I have 3 good news.


Hurrah! The first user registered on our system! We gave him (lucky beggar/discoverer) an unlimited subscription to the top package. Now, it’s more important for us to collect the first feedback from users, so this practice, in our opinion, is correct! We hope that our first user will receive the maximum value from our service, at least we will do whatever it takes!

The ice has broken, ladies and gentlemen!



We have released the next update of the Chekiant web version:

  1. Fixed websockets on IOS: Safari & Chrome and on MacOS: Safari.
  2. Edits to the interval system.
  3. Powerful update of the rate system. Now we have one of the best systems in the world. Later, I will tell you in detail.
  4. Edits in automatic reports.
  5. Edits in regular reports.
  6. User friendliness here and there.
  7. The pause button removed. 
  8. Planning removed. Hard feature cutting.


Third, but also cool.

We started marketing. We launched an advertisement. We have created the simplest (and at the same time most functional) time tracker in the world. Now we are the underdogs in the world of time tracking, but we will turn up the heat.


Hugs, your Jura.