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The time legislative

Do you feel that time is working against you? Our perception of time depends on a number of psychological patterns. They affect us every day, when we late for work or delay the delivery of the project.

Smart people have defined and described these laws of time so that we can deal with unpleasant consequences or use them in our own interests.

Let's call a spade a spade!

The law

The speed of time passage directly depends on your interest in what is happening. Simply put, the more you like the process, the faster time will pass, and vice versa. Hence, the famous phrase "happy hours do not observe" and an infinite number of examples from personal experience of everybody.

How to use it? If you have a long and boring time, then try to make it more enjoyable. Call a friend while standing in line, or start reading a book, waiting for a meeting. If the activity requires your attention, just turn on the music.

How to deal with it? Look at the clock more often. Constantly glancing at the running arrow, you will not lose the track of time.

The Murphy's law

Therefore, one can never foresee exactly how much time will be spent on this or that matter. Only experience and intuition can help you.

How to use it? This law has practical application. . It should encourage you to understand that it is impossible to plan everything up to a second and it is always worthwhile to prepare a plan B.

How to deal with it? It is necessary to put in the plan a time reserve, which is designed to solve random problems and unforeseen situations. Even if these ones do not happen, you will have time for one more check or extra rest.

The Parkinson's law

ЧThe more time we take to complete the task, the more time it takes. You can devote 12 hours to one task or make it just one of the five scheduled for a day. In both cases, it will be solved.

How to use it?Try to reduce the time for the tasks execution in your plan to 10%, then by 15% and so on. Maybe you can work faster and have more rest?

How to deal with it? Adequately assess your strengths and set clear deadlines. Remember that it is impossible to do an annual job for the day, but for 11 months - it is quite real. We also recommend to use Checkiant time tracker to manage your work time more effectively.

The Taylor's law

The order of the actions performance will affect the amount of time you spend on it. Everyone knows that starting a house from the ceiling is a bad idea. But, some sequences are not so obvious.

How to use it? Perform any task step-by-step. Putting all the steps to the right places, you can make things much faster and easier.

How to deal with it? Always start from the beginning and do not run ahead. Sometimes it seems to us that it is easier and faster to do everything at once. But, practice shows otherwise.

The Pareto's law

20% of the time brings us 80% of the result, and the remaining 80% of the time - only 20% of the result. Of course, sometimes the percentage ratio can vary. But, the point is that the amount of time affects the effectiveness absolutely disproportionate.

How to use it? Find your gold 20% of time and do your best. True, it is often difficult to calculate this. The special programs for tracking working hours and earnings can help you.

How to deal with it? I would like to write that you need to effectively use all 100% of your time, but, the law is the law.

Painted by Leo Kaplan