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Distance work

For many people, work in distance is the best way to earn money. Such an employment can be combined with traveling, children raising or favorite hobby. Working in distance, most of the time you spend at home (in cafes, libraries, and other places) without regular going to the office, meetings with people and a constant schedule.

In order to become a remote worker, it is enough to have a computer, Internet access and a desire to earn money.

In fact, many of us are still afraid to work at a distance or hire such employees. There are problems of labor control, payment of salaries, and other unpleasant nuances. All because we know too little about it. Let's see what are the kinds of distant work.

Remote work

This is a type of employment where the employer and the employee are distanced from each other. At the same time, it means permanent employment in the organization. The remote employee can work in any convenient place, receiving and sending tasks through the Internet or by phone. Such an employee often becomes a full member of the team and follows all corporate principles. It means that he can have a strict working schedule and monthly salary. Thus, companies hire employees from all corners of the world simply through the Internet. Different time zones can interfere with direct cooperation, therefore, often such an employee has a free schedule. Almost all office workers whose activities occur on the computer can work on this principle.


Freelancer is a free employee. Although he is free from direct leadership and an employment contract, he must find his own tasks, draw up work schedules and put deadlines. Such a self-independent responsible worker. Most often, he takes one-off orders on specialized labor exchanges on the Internet and works immediately on several projects simultaneously. This type of employment is great for creative copywriters and designers. However, the problem is that you need to look for a new source of earnings all the time, and there is a possibility of making a mistake with the choice or staying out of work for a while. It often happens that a freelancer finds a permanent employer and successfully turns into a remote employee.

Virtual work

This work, despite its name, is quite real. A virtual worker usually offers his services in the network on-line, using special programs for video communication. It can be a virtual teacher, virtual assistant, virtual seller or representative of another profession. For such an employee, all borders are open, because you can be in different parts of the world, communicate with people, participate in seminars, conduct interviews and give lectures right from the comfort of your home. Unlike other types of remote work, here the employee gets the joy (or trouble) of direct communication with colleagues or clients.

Work at home

It is similar to all the types of employment above only because it can be performed at home. However, in this case, only at home, and nowhere else. All because it requires the presence of special "tools" that can be found in any apartment. For example, a sewing machine, oven or easel. The work at home does not even require a computer and offers a huge choice of professions. Tailors, confectioners, artists, writers can work at home, and this is not a complete list. Such activities usually begin with a hobby, and then develop into a full-fledged source of income. Usually, such a domestic worker still has to contact the outside world to buy supplies and realize the fruits of his labor.

I hope it was useful for you to get know about different types of work at a distance and you may have chosen the right one for yourself. On the pros and cons of remote work, about its features for employees and employers, see the following articles on the blog. We also recommend to use Checkiant time tracker for remote work and try it 7 days for free (for one user a free package is provided).

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