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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

How can a work team use the time-tracker Checkiant? 6 simple examples

how to usse the time-tracker

A time-tracker can only calculate the time worked and create a weekly, monthly or annual report. Or not? We found 6 examples of using time-tracker Checkiant to improve the work of a team or a whole company company:


  1. As a tool of process-oriented management that appeared in 2003 and focuses on process rather than action building. With our application it will be possible to set the ratio between time spent and profit received as one of the standards for efficiency management. More about process-oriented management in the book "Process Management" by J. Becker.
  2. To identify troubles in the work process. It is easy to see the so-called "hockey stick" effect, when in the last week the team accelerates the pace of work to achieve the necessary results to the deadline. The Checkiant will show you the time action curves and help to correct them.
  3. To help the Scrum Master (relevant for teams that works on the Scrum methodology). The Scrum Master holds daily Scrum meetings that synchronize the work of a team and help to eliminate obstacles complexing the fulfilment of tasks. As a standard, this meeting is limited to 15 minutes, but can be extended if necessary. If the Scrum Master uses a time tracker, prolonged meetings will be the slightest hint of problems. Either too many participants, asynchronous team communication or management problems. Read more in the book "Scrum. A revolutionary method of project management by J. Sutherland's.
  4. As one of the measurement tools in Lean Six Sigma. Without the "Measurement" stage of Six Sigma methodology, it is impossible to collect reliable data in all workflows, to identify the causes of problems (e.g., failure to meet a deadlines) and to develop solutions. For example, a week customer service system (cause) leads to increased time spent on streamlining tasks on peak days (result).
  5. For introduction of a flow production as a optimum work system without stops and "buffers". Unnecessary time consumption is one of the losses to be eliminated for a flow production, and our time-tracker program is perfect for this.
  6. To determine the effectiveness of the Just-In-Time concept. Companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Toyota and Omark Systems are using this concept. Under the concept, a company produces the products that consumers need exactly at the right time and in the right quantity. The Checkiant time-tracker will help to track the production cycle and the amount of released time that can be used for other tasks.

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