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Who is responsible for happiness at work?

Everyone dreams of finding a job that will bring not only money but also happiness. In the concept of "happiness at work" everyone puts his own meaning.

For someone, this is a friendly relationship with the boss, pleasant communication with colleagues, delicious coffee in breaks, and many paid days off. For others - the opportunity to communicate with like-minded people, develop professionally, and do what they like. For the third - the joy of helping people and feel their gratitude. Probably, the ideal work is a combination of all these components.

Work for the soul need to find or create?

Our world is a place of universal things that fit all at once, but no one separately. It is impossible to find anything perfect in the finished form. At least, by legal means. Therefore, we will have to make efforts to create comfortable working conditions for ourselves and learn how to enjoy our profession. Of course, only effort and desire are not enough. It is necessary to observe some rules:

  1. Do what you like
  2. Find the right balance between work and leisure
  3. Be open to everything new and not be afraid of experiments
  4. Work not for the money, but for the result
  5. Continue to study and improve in your field
  6. Pay attention to details

Who is obligated for the atmosphere of happiness?

The choice of a workplace is the key to success. Each team has its own atmosphere, which unites workers. It consists not only of people and of opinions. It includes interior, location, salary, working conditions and much more. When you find the optimal place, you can start creating comfortable conditions. However, remember that not everything depends on you. Responsibility for happiness can be divided equally among all participants of the work process.

  • The responsibility of the team includes a tolerant* attitude towards each employee. In the team, it is always important to find compromises, make decisions together, and be open to fresh ideas and new people.
  • The responsibility of the authorities includes creating good work conditions and paying high salaries. Even the most rigorous managers cannot make people be happy but can provide them with everything necessary for this.
  • Your personal responsibility includes the manifestation of an initiative. Do not wait until the colleagues or authorities do something for you. Offer, ask, tell about your problems, and they will listen to you.

How to get pleasure from your work?

Happiness is emotions, feelings. No one can control them, but everyone knows what makes him or she happy. To make the atmosphere more pleasant, put a green plant on a table, a photo of close people of yours, and other favorite things. Special programs for monitoring time and tasks, like the time tracker Checkiant, will help you organize your workflow. With its help, you can become more effective and successful, to rejoice at your results and receive the praise of your superiors. Friendly relations with colleagues will make staying in the office more comfortable and cheerful. In general, do everything that pleases you and does not contradict an employment contract.

If you do not like your work, then it's not too late to change something. You have a world of possibilities. After all, work is not just a way to earn money, it's an important part of life. We wish you to enjoy your work and achieve success!


*Tolerance is the ability to perceive thoughts, behavior, forms of self-expression and the way of life of another person, which differ from your own without aggression.

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