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Top 10 self-control skills to defeat procrastination

Consciously or unconsciously, we try to avoid performing difficult and, in comparison, not very pleasant tasks. And this tendency can develop the procrastination. The famous writer George Martin is one of the brightest representatives of the procrastinators. Agree, swimming in the pool, blowing soap bubbles and taking a sun bath is much more pleasant than thinking through the actions of each character in detail. This is what the author of the series of books "A Song of Ice and Fire" was doing instead of finishing next book, which sincere fans have been waiting for for years.

We are distracted by "eating", "chatting", doing anything but business, and, as a result, we lose the feeling of satisfaction from the task completed on time. Another word, we prefer the present to our future. After all, we are having fun right now.

It is unlikely that you will completely get rid of procrastination once and for all. But using these tips, you can minimize its negative influence and stop delaying things.


When a task that needs to be completed seems too complex and uninteresting, our brain refuses to work at full capacity and looks for somel fun around. And here appears a couple of hour marathon on Twitter, a few videos about cats for mood, etc. The right motivation is the best solution in this case. In his book "Defeat procrastination! How to stop putting things off for tomorrow", Peter Ludwig showed that motivation can defeat procrastination and bring it closer to long-term satisfaction. Try right now to determine the goal that you don't want to postpone and start moving.

Limited Internet

Rejecting messages, images, or news during the workflow can be one of the most difficult methods to defeat procrastination. However, it does work. You will be surprised how much your productivity will grow.


With a list of tasks in front of your eyes, you will be able to monitor their progress more attentively. A detailed plan helps you better focus on each task.


Another procrastination trap is working on easier and less important tasks instead of more important ones. To avoid this, use the Eisenhower priority matrix. Divide all your tasks into 4 groups:

  • Urgent and important
  • Non-urgent and important
  • Urgent and unimportant
  • Non-urgent and unimportant

It's easy to guess where to start.


Starting the morning with physical exercises, we will be filled with energy all the day. Before you start working, get positive emotions. Drink your favorite tea, meditate, and do some concentration exercises. When this becomes a habit, our brain will be ready for the fact that after these actions, you need to work. Therefore, there will be no special desire for distracting.

Learn to forgive

Blaming yourself for constantly putting things off and feeling guilty for not meeting the deadline are common feelings for procrastinators. But these emotions make us procrastinate further. To break this vicious circle you need to accept of the fact that you spent this time in vain. Once you analyze your behavior, you will return less to procrastination.

Doind nothing

How can I stop procrastinating with idleness? The writer R. Chandler invented a useful method for himself. When he sat down at the table, he could either compose or do absolutely nothing. After some time, the brain becomes bored and it begins to work. But this method will not help everyone. If you have two hours away till deadline and the work is far from finishing, doing nothing is not an option.

Think about the consequences

At the best, you will have time to complete everything at the last moment. But putting the work off, you risk to get a reputation as an irresponsible employee or not get the promised payment from the customer. As soon as you realize what you can lose, you will not want to procrastinate.

how to defeat the procrastination

Create a schedule

Divide the main task into several small ones. Set your own deadline for each of them. This way you will gradually perform a small amount of work, bringing yourself closer to the final result. The fact is that in such a small period of time, you simply don't have the desire to distract yourself.

Time is precious

Use every minute to achieve your goal. With the time tracker Checkiant, you can manage your time more effectively. Set goals and track their progress at any time from any device, keep track of your income, and analyze your productivity. This control helps to defeat procrastination efficiently. In addition, there are many other reasons why time tracking will be useful for you.

Make your desires come true right now, and put off procrastination until tomorrow.))




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