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Group games for teambuilding

The manager has a great responsibility: he needs to identify the weaknesses and strengths of each employee, monitor the effectiveness of the tasks assigned to the team, and constantly motivate the team to work. Simple time tracking apps Checkiant, various promotions, and, of course, team building help them do this.

The purpose of teambuilding is to bring together employees, improve their mutual understanding, interaction and, as a result, increase the effectiveness of the hole team. To realize these purposes, the manager organize group games for team building, programs, methods and events that will help motivate and unite employees, entertain them, charge them with positive energy and increase their ability to work.

Acting together, colleagues must implement various tasks, but all this happens in an easy and relaxed way. Teammates have fun, relax, and increase cohesion. Many global companies practice teambuilding to get the following results:

  • increase the level of mutual understanding between employees;
  • eliminate psychological barriers and remove discomfort in the team;
  • improve the productivity of the team and of each employee individually.

In general, team games and competitions help employees to reboot, distract from everyday chores, have a good time with colleagues, get to know them better and realize the importance of working together.

Group games for team building

Each employee is an individual with it's own unique qualities, character, behavior, thinking, world perception and type of temperament. To make the work between different types of people in one team is well-coordinated, the authorities conduct group competitive games in the office or an open-air playground. The place needs to be spacious enough. The task of the manager is to analyze the actions and behavior of each employee during the competition, calculate their most valuable qualities and introduce them into the working mechanism in the future.

If we talk about deeper connections and the attitude of employees to joint games on a psychological level, then team building games are an excellent opportunity for each employee to find out the following points:

1. Find the most comfortable position within the team.

2. See the sympathy of colleagues, decide on informal relationships.

3. To develop skills of teamwork and decision tasks when everyone has the right to vote.

4. To perform and establish an emotional connection with other team members.

Team building games are held in a variety of formats. This can be an intellectual, creative, business-oriented or sporting event. The main thing is that the venue always changes. If the last time the competitions were held in the office, now you need to go with the team to nature in the country or to a sports club.

Classification of team building games

When the concept of team building has just appeared, it was determined solely by the business training. Over time, its direction has been much expanded. Now these are no longer serious business meetings – fun team-building activities that can be condacted in the format of games and contests, quests, exercises, and creative trainings. There are a lot of plot options for teambuilding, and to simplify its organization, a thematic classification was created:

1. by the venue – team building games in nature, outside the city at a recreation center, near the reservoir, in the woods, on an outdoor sports field or in the office.

2. by goals — cohesion games; to greet new employees in the team; to determine the qualities; creative and intellectual abilities of each team member; competitions.

3. by form — sports, psychological, historical, non-standard, intellectual games.

The type will depend on the tasks that the manager and the team set for themselves.

The venue: the best ideas of the games to rally the team

You can also choose indoor team building games of a more modest scale, but no less effective. Among them:

1. Confusion. Each participant must come up with three facts about themselves, two of which are true and one is false. Other team members must solve them. The winner is the one who can confuse more players.

2. Photohunt in the office. Each team gets a list of items that are in the room. They need to be photographed in the same order. Winner is the team that will more quickly give the photos.

3. Alive chess game. As in "Harry Potter" movie, each of the participants must reincarnate as one of the chess pieces. A good strategy and mutual understanding will help the team win.

If the game is supposed to be movable, then the best solution is a joint trip to nature, a recreation center or a visit to a sports complex. The best story for this format is "treasure hunt". Each team receives a card with a hint that leads to another hint and so on until the last puzzle that will lead the guys to the place where the treasure is hidden. This is a great example of a team-building game in which each participant can prove themselves.

One of the most non-standard fresh game formats of team building, which is intended for conducting in the office, is a film making team building activity. Each member of the team will be able to feel like a Hollywood star and get their coveted Oscar statuette. The purpose of more paylines on online slots is to allow the players more chances to win. To conduct this type of event, you need to choose a movie genre, location, write a script, give everyone their role and write dialogues. Before the start, a trial acting training and preparation of the film set is conducted. The event ends with a furshet in honor of the company's film.

Team building by goals: Top ideas for team building

The target format of team building is especially relevant at a time when remote work in many companies has become a normal practice. It helps to maintain team cohesion even over kilometer distances. To do this, there are online games for team building — interesting and useful at the same time. What can be offered to the remote team:

1. The game "Hear me". All participants gather in a shared video chat. The captain is selected. He should find some colorful picture on the Internet and try to describe it to other players. They need to draw it on the album sheet. The drawing that is most similar to the original wins.

2. The game "The emotions of a friend." The captain asks each player to take a screenshot of their last used emojis. Then he shows to all the participants of the "corporate party" and they try to guess who owns this or that "Board with smiles".

If the team was formed not so long ago or there are new employees in it, you need to include games for introduction. To make it not only informative and fun, but also help the manager immediately understand how responsible and purposeful the new person in his team is, you can play the game "String of words". Each player needs to submit their name and add the word that is associated with their hobby. The second participant needs to repeat the first phrase and add their own. And so on. If the chain is interrupted, the team must start all over again with new word combinations.

Online games for team building are very often aimed to get know employees who do not know each other well because of working separately. To determine associative and structural thinking, you can play the game "Three words about yourself". At first glance, a simple task helps you learn a lot about a person, including the speed of their reaction, creative approach to the task, character qualities, and much more. During the game, you need to tell your name and add three more words to it that will help you best describe your personality.

Such games for adult team building are also suitable for first-year students and school children when new students have appeared in the class, as well as for children who are vacationing in the camp.

Team building by format: what format to choose and what to play?

Intellectual games will help you immediately calculate the "head" of the team, its captain and leader. This type of task requires not only education and ingenuity from the participants, but also well-developed logical and analytical thinking, speed of response and a non-standard approach. A striking example of intellectual team building is the game "What kind of person is this?". One participant makes a guess about a character from a fairytale, a movie, or a real famous person, and the other participants must take turns asking questions that can only be answered with "Yes" or "No". For example, "is this the hero of the movie?" or "does he have a superpower?" and so on.

If the event is held in the office, it's best for the manager to buy board games for team building, which can be played by a large team. Here are some popular entertainment options:

  • Mysterium – a detective game in which participants need to unite to solve a crime and figure out the criminal;
  • Pandemic & Pandemic Legacy — a joint battle with a disease that has spread around the world. More relevant than ever;
  • Spirit Island – a complex strategy game that can last for several hours. Each participant will have a separate role and task, the solution of which will help the whole team to win.

When choosing fun board games for team, you can look at the "Mafia", "Elias" and "Monopoly".

Choosing the format of "business games", you can kill two birds with one stone: have fun and solve work issues in a relaxed atmosphere. The "Product study" game is suitable for this task. The essence of the game is that each participant study to the smallest detail the product that he needs to represent. Employees take turns talking about the advantages and unique features of the product. At the end of the game, all participants discuss the pros and cons of their colleagues' performances.

Non-standard team building: 3 most exotic scenarios for team building

When you are tired of playing team building games in the office and employees want something unusual and interesting, you should immediately leave your comfort zone. Here are three the most unusual solutions for collaboration and leisure that every team will surely appreciate:

1. Winemaking. You need to find a vineyard in your own or a neighboring city and go there to make wine. In advance, you need to agree with the business owner and hire a consultant who will show the guys how to properly crush berries with their feet. In the process of such an exciting game, teams will need to come up with a name and label for their future drink, as well as form effective ways to sell it to the client.

2. Steam room. The point is to go to the bathhouse. If you decide to take a bath in bathing suits, you can go to a joint steam room. In such a relaxed state, the most interesting and non-standard ideas come.

3. Carnival quest. A large place is rented for this game. Each employee gets a role and a matching costume. Or it could just be a face mask displaying his character. Then the teams get their own scenarios and hints, which they will have to finish the quest and achieve a common goal.

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