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Methods for employee control – how to control and motivate at the same time?

Not all employees can tolerate strict and constant supervision by their chief. Many people find this depressing and frightening, which negatively affects their productivity. To avoid this, it is necessary to encourage the team.

methods of personnel control


 The main methods of employees control

 №1. Planning meetings

 №2. Video Surveillance

 №3. The CRM system

 №4. Time trackers

 №5. KPI – labor rationing

 №6. Daily Scrum meetings

 №7. Motivational board

 №8. Reports

 №9. GPS

 №10. Mystery Shopper

 Frequent mistakes in personnel control – how not to overreact

First of all, it's important to let them understand that their actions control is conducted in order to mark the victories of each individual member of the team, and not their violations and mistakes. If the manager notices the employee's progress, the worker will get encouragement. And that's the best motivation you can have at work.

So, according to a survey of specialists in various fields of activity, we made a rating of incentives. It looks like this:

  • Monetary reward.
  • Free training and learning courses.
  • Praise from the boss.
  • Personal gifts.
  • Penalties and fines.
  • Corporate holidays.
  • Vacation, an extra day off.

The same approach can be implemented when monitoring staff training, because staff development is important first of all for the manager himself, who wants to see only professionals in his team.

The main methods of employees control 

Monitoring the work of staff and analyzing the performance of all employees are necessary in every company. The boss can manage the control himself, assign one of his assistants, or appoint one of the middle managers as the responsible person. But in any case, the control of the staff's activities should be carried out every day. But what kind of control apply – ordinary or total – it is up to the manager to decide.

How to implement effective methods of personnel control in a workflow:

The first – to choose the control format. There are three of them:

  1. Oral. The manager asks the subordinates about the progress of certain work. It's suitable for small teams as a method for tracking the intermediate state of the project. Minus — it is impossible to prove what the employee said, since everything was spoken, but not recorded.
  2. Documentary. Suitable for companies with a low turnover of documentation.
  3. Software-based. In this case, the staff effectiveness monitoring is using special applications, for example, as a simple time tracker Checkiant, programs such as Excel for creating tables and CRM systems.

The second step in creating the control system – is timing:

  • before work starting  — check the plan and goals for the upcoming day;
  • during the day – helps to make sure that the employees are moving in the right direction or, conversely, doing something wrong and need to be redirected in the right direction;
  • checking at the end of the day – summing up the results of the day's work, what is done well, and what should be finalized or even redone.

In addition, personnel control can be either open or secret. In the first case, employees know that they are being watched, and in the second – everything is happening behind their backs.

We have listed the systems of personnel control, so now we can consider 10 the most effective methods.

No. 1. Planning meetings

Many managers ignore this method, guided by the fact that they told employees a month or two ago at a planning meeting what was required of them, and there is no need to repeat the same thing every week.

In fact, meetings before a working week or even a working day are a strong motivation. It's very important for employees to hear about the results of the work done and the dynamics of the implementation of the plan. It's necessary for the manager to inspire and encourage them and boost their desire to work.

On the other hand, a planning meeting is needed to check the progress of current tasks. Then the team members who don't like to overwork themselves will know that they must completed the tasks, so they will have to finish the work by the dead-line.

No. 2. Video Surveillance

The most common way to track the activities of a team. The control of personnel in the organization can be open, when everyone knows that the boss is watching them, or closed, when the team knows only about some cameras, but not about all.

You can also add audio recording to hear how employees communicate with customers or interact with each other, and what kind of atmosphere is in the office.

A great method to be aware of the team's activities 24/7.

No. 3. The CRM system

There are various types of personnel control, but CRM systems are one of the most innovative and multifunctional. Today, many large organizations implement it in the workflow, because it helps to save time and quickly identify the "weak link" in the team.

With the help of CRM systems, it's possible to maintain statistics, perform analytics, automate many work processes and constantly improve work efficiency. There is no need to expect reports from employees. You can simply open the system and see all the results in figures, as well as working hours, deadlines, completed projects, and so on. The system also allows you to monitor the activities of remote workers.

Among the most popular CRM systems today are:

  1. AmoCRM.
  2. Bitrix24.
  3. Megaplan.

The control system for HR management CRM is well combined with time management programs. To track employees in a company, you can use:

  • applications for monitoring the arrival and departure of staff from work — pass or biometrics;
  • time tracking programs;
  • applications for monitoring the desktop.

You can use the following tools to control employees who work not only at the office, but also outside:

  1. Photo reports – check the work for correctness.
  2. Checklists – tracking of standards.
  3. "Internal orders" – to keep track of the work done and the time spent on it.

For remote specialists, there are also several useful programs. Among them are:

  • group meetings online – you can replace the classic planning meetings;
  • applications for the team management – Basecamp or Trello;
  • programs for recording working hours remotely.

In any case, a CRM system will be useful for communication with freelancers and working hours and tasks tracking.

No. 4. Time trackers

In applications for monitoring working hours, an employee records only the time spent on specific tasks. Time trackers with the function of monitor screens are very popular, as well as trackers that calculate the amount of earned money, such as, for example, a simple Checkiant time tracker. Such programs allow you to analyze the performance of not only each employee, but also the entire team as a whole.

No. 5. KPI – labor rationing

The essence of the method is to set standards for employees to perform the tasks assigned to them. The KPI is a certain standard to which each of the employees should strive or, conversely, which should not be exceeded.

Thus, the control of personnel work and its effectiveness through "labor rationing" can be determined by the number of new contacts of potential customers, sales per week, or the implementation of a project for a certain time period.

This method is equally suitable for specialists of various types of activities.

No. 6. Daily Scrum meetings

Scrum meetings are 15-minute team meetings, where current tasks are discussed, progress in their implementation, synchronization of activities and making plans for the upcoming working day.

Meetings are usually held every day at the same time, in the same place.

No. 7. Motivational board

It's a budget method that affects sales growth. With its help, it's possible to analyze the work of employees and give each of them an assessment.

In fact, this is a board with the performed standard of each team member and the sales plans marked on it.

The motivational board is a display of the efforts of employees at the moment. Both the team members and the management see these results. This method is considered one of the most motivational, because no one wants to be at the bottom of the list with the worst indicators. Therefore, everyone tries hard to get to the top of the pyramid and get a reward from the boss.

You can make the board in electronic format or hang it on the wall in the office.

No. 8. Reports

They help you make a work plan for the nearest time and the future. It is good if each employee reports on completed tasks not only once a month, but also every week or even at the end of each working day. If you use special programs, such as a CRM system or a Kanban system, then this method of control is easier to organize.

№9. GPS

The organization of the personnel control system may include such a method as tracking the location of the employee. This is a hot topic for managers' bosses, sales representatives, and other professionals who spend most of their working day outside the office. Tracking is done via GPS.

No. 10. Mystery Shopper

This method is adored by managers and hated by employees. A very effective control tool that allows you to find out even what cannot be seen on video surveillance cameras.

The secret client has its own history and purpose of the company's visit. He records everything on a dictaphone and makes sure to bring the deal to its logical conclusion.

Frequent mistakes in personnel control – how not to overreact

Trying to keep tracking of their subordinates, the manager may slightly cross the line. If control gets out of hand, no matter how ironic it may sound, the collective may rebel. Here are a few mistakes that bosses make most often:

  1. Excessive control. The boss decided to push hard, so that the subordinates didn't even think to shirk their work duties. Employees get the impression that the manager is constantly standing behind them. This creates tension and negative atmosphere in the team. Efficiency and productivity decreases. The hesitancy and fear of failure appears.
  2. The boss "scored" on the office staff. Assuming that if the boss isn't interested in how things are going, then the project isn't that important. The team gets relax, and the work goes down.
  3. There are no conclusions. According to the results of control activity in the office, the chief didn't make any conclusion. Employees don't understand whether they have coped with the set tasks or made some mistakes. The workflow slows down.
  4. The manager indulges his subordinates too much, trying to look like a "good cop" in their eyes. This leads to trouble, and first of all for him. His role as a boss is leveled off, which is equal to a decrease of labor efficiency.

An important stage in doing business is controlling and motivating staff. There is a wide variety of methods that allow you to track the work activity of each team member 24/7. In order for the chosen methods will work for you and not negatively affect the employees, it's important to take into account not only your own interests, but also the wishes of the team. You can avoid mistakes if you will prepare in advance.

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