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Top 12 programs for remote work during the quarantine

Due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, the offices are closed for quarantine. The abrupt shutdown of many enterprises leads to serious consequences in the economy. To save the workflow, many companies offer employees remote work at home during the quarantine period using a variety of remote programs.

Applications for remote team work

Let's look at the most useful programs for remote work at home. A team that works remotely on a common project needs shared file access. Cloud application are ideal for this purpose.

Google Drive

Google offers you 15 GB of memory for free. This is enough to place the necessary documents and share files with colleagues.

In addition, the Google world provides to the users documents, tables, calendars, presentations, and even online training.


In addition to the convenient data and file sharing function, Dropbox offers all the necessary for remote work programs available within the service:

  • Storing files and unification of content. You can use the website or download the program on your PC;
  • Creating a context for meetings - smart search quickly provides access to the necessary files;
  • Notification of changes in shared files and a special tool for collectively work with documents;
  • Syncing data linked to Your account, plus syncing shared data;
  • Managing the working group - convenient for company managers.


Cloud data storage from Microsoft. OneDrive offers file protection, access to them from any device, data sharing, the ability to work with data in offline mode, and links with a limited storage period. All this can easily be used to simplify cooperation in quarantine.

While working remotely, it is important for the team to maintain communication and reporting. The best solution for these problems is video conference software. For example, you can hold a meeting in the morning, plan team tasks for the day, and then call again in the evening so that everyone can talk about their work. If Your team works remotely only during the quarantine period and you don't want to pay money for using apps with video calls, we recommend Zoom and Google Hangouts.


On the market of video messengers (if these programs can be called this way), there is not only Skype. Each has its own advantages. For example, the free version of Zoom allows you to create conferences with up to 100 participants. Duration - up to 40 minutes. One participant is an organizer and invites others. For the simple meeting, this is quite enough.
If you want more, a paid subscription offers unlimited duration of conversations and report creation.

Google Hangouts

The free app allows you to create chats and video meetings with participants in a specific conversation. This service is suitable for small teams, since it allows you to connect no more than 15 people in one call. You can chat during the conference and show the screen to other team members.

The next necessary tool for remote work is a time tracker. Time tracking is needful when the team is working remotely and the manager or team leader does not know exactly what each subordinate is doing during the working day. Using a time tracker shows the exact number of hours spent by the team during the day. We offer you 2 programs: Checkiant i Toggl.


Simple time tracker Checkiant makes it easy to track your personal and team time effectively. The manager creates the necessary clients and projects, and each employee just has to start a timer while working on the tasks. Advantages of Checkiant:

easy to use, stylish and unloaded design;
system of various reports;
system of subordinates and enhanced ability to edit accesses;
syncing active browser tabs;
saving the history of previous rates.


A popular classic time tracker Toggl is suitable for both team and individual use. The main functions include:

the auto-tracking, reminders about tracking;
creating and managing reports;
the use of the method of Pomodoro;
creating teams and user groups.


Working in an office has the advantages and disadvantages at the same time – the ability to approach a colleague at any time and ask for help. This is not possible during remote work. This is why team members use programs for remote computer management.

TeamViewer is a very common program that allows you to control another computer using a password. You do not need any special settings, it is easy to understand how to use it. It is an indispensable program when you need to ask for help in writing code or check any other local project.

Applications for remote work for individual use

To be productive during the quarantine period, you need to follow work discipline at home, that can be very difficult. We can recommend some special tools for self-organization. The main groups of applications-helpers:

  • Services to focus our attention so that we are not distracted by little things. Let's talk about Forest below.
  • Time trackers. Tracking the time spent on completing tasks is useful for a company's Manager, a freelancer, and another person who has it's own business. The applications described above for team time tracking are suitable.
  • Organizers for planning the day. It is not interesting to use the most primitive notebooks, so we propose you to choose from Remember the milk, WorkFlowy, and Trello.

Forest. Stay focused, be present

The app Forest is very unusual, rather like a game. This service helps not to be distracted by extraneous factors for some time (you determine it yourself). The prize, if you hold out – a virtual planted tree. If you log in to Facebook, for example, before the final signal, the tree will wither. Nobody wants to lose. Everyone wants to grow a large forest – this is the essence of the app.

In addition to the mobile app and website, a browser extension is also available, which helps to control yourself and not to log in to social networks on your computer once again.

If you want to make our planet better, but don't know how – this is another reason to use Forest. When you stay without social networks a designated time and grow the forest, you earn coins. By spending it in the app, volunteers plant real trees.


The Trello service offers to design all lists as boards. First, you create a whiteboard to describe the plan or complete a global task. Give it a name, like "Go on vacation". The Board is divided into columns. You can add as many columns as you need. Each column is a collection of cards: a set of ideas, a group of tasks, a specific stage of the project. The most standard columns are "to-do List", "in progress", and "Done". Cards in the " to-do List "can be as follows:" Book a hotel","Find a nanny". You can create a separate list of tasks for each card, add tags, comments, investment and set deadlines. While working, simply move the cards to the appropriate column.

Remember the milk

Interesting and simple app. Registration in Remember the milk does not take much time – and you can start planning right away. The functionality is not very much, but it is enough for basic tasks. The free version offers:

  • Create issues and merge them into lists;
  • Add contacts and create shared tasks or lists;
  • Add marks, tags;
  • Adding comments and custom fields to tasks, including the deadline.

The service also offers to install the app on your phone and you can access your tasks at any time.


A regular todo-list with simple registration and web and mobile app options. Create to-do lists and plans. The service will send you updated lists and changes as reminders. In the free version WorkFlowy you can:

  • create many lists and give them names, group them;
  • add a date, mark favorite lists with an asterisk;
  • available the minimum configuration of the interface and font.

We wish you

Try to find advantages in remote work. There are many free programs for remote work that will suit you and make the quarantine more favorable to the working process.

Keep calm, wash your hands often and be healthy!



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