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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Checkiant - web-version 1.3 [beta] - BETWEEN-PERIOD REPORTING

Checkiant - web-версия 1.3 [beta] -  отчеты на границе периодов


This week there was a very small update, because I was involved in somewhat unpleasant processes related to another project that we do under public tender, but now we have a bigger and more interesting update to release in a week!

Version 1.3 features list::

  1. New users had a glitch – they didn’t have check-ins yet, but the top button was in "stop", not "start" position.
  2. Now reports are generated between days before midnight (or after midnight), if the last entry in the reporting period is check-in (no check-out was made); and after midnight, if the first entry in the reporting period is a check-out (that is, a check-in was made on the previous day).

See you in a week!