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Everything you need to know about time

The concept of time very cleverly slip away from all attempts to interpret it. Our obvious ideas of the past, present, and future are not universal. Even dividing the year into 365 days, a day into 24 hours and an hour into 60 minutes, we still don't know what time is and how to use it properly.

Time is infinite. It cannot be stopped or reversed. Since we cannot manage time, we may at least use it effectively.


First, time is the main condition of a change and means development or degradation. Every action has a beginning and an end, which divides a certain period.

Over time decreases the ability to affect the outcome. The number of options decreases, an enthusiasm and inspiration get lost, and only inertia remains. The closer you get to old age, the fewer chances you have to find a career or start a family; the closer the date of project delivery is, the fewer possibilities to make it perfect; the closer the exam is, the less likely to prepare well.


On the other hand, with time we gain an experience and can do the work more efficiently and quickly, paying less attention to details. By the tenth project, you already know all the details and avoid mistakes; closer to old age, you can share your experiences about career and family; after a large number of passed exams, your preparation is much easier.


It turns out that at that time when you have the most opportunity to influence the result, you have the least experience. After completion of the project, you realize that you had to do with the client more precise specification; in the last year of the economic University, you discover how much you are drawn to art.

It seems that sooner or later will the perfect moment come when you already have enough experience to make decisions and still have many opportunities to affect the outcome. However, often that never happens.


The chain of decisions and actions leads to a particular result, and you only need to change its links, to get another one. Nevertheless, time does not turn back, and some mistakes can't be fixed. Although, so many things are still not too late to be changed.

Therefore, you should try to learn the maximum amount of information now. It’s not just about smart books or interesting conversations. The experience comes in real-life circumstances, through trial and error. The sooner you start to accept important solutions and compare actions done with the final result, the sooner you will learn to achieve your goals. Only then, time will work for you, and every investment of energy and money will bear fruit. No matter how old you are and where you work, there's always the opportunity to start to use time effectively and move forward! And effective time management techniques, such as using Checkiant time tracker, will help you do this.

Painting by: Jacek Yerka

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