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Efficient management of free time

We sincerely believe that if you are familiar with the Checkiant time tracker and are reading this blog, you have already got rid of the problem of inefficient use of working time and have full control over all 5, 8 or 10 working hours per day. But are you so productive in your free time, which is still a big part of our lives?

Even though there is no strict boss and no exact schedule at home, there is still an endless flow of business and "colleagues" to work with. Therefore, we want to give you a few tips on how to learn to rest effectively and forget about the problem of lack of free time with the help of our time-tracker.


1. Planning

2. Tracking

3. Prioritizing

4. Improvisation

Tip 1: Planning

Our free time is different from work time, so we can act spontaneously, for pleasure, and not depend on the plan. Therefore, we advise you to plan only important events and big household chores, and otherwise to keep time for improvisation. In order not to feel guilty for doing nothing, we need to set aside a certain time for this too and allow ourselves to be lazy. Remember that for effective work we need a good rest, both active and passive, so try to include in your plan sports, entertainment and even just lying on the couch. Just don't get carried away with the last one:)

Tip 2: Tracking

If you constantly lament a lack of free time, we advise you to see what you are spending it on. Sometimes you waste hours on watching TV, social networks, computer games, and so on. If you limit the time spent on them, you can find new useful things to do or just relax. Even shopping or cooking can be optimized (read: accelerated) to spend more time with loved ones or on your own. Time tracker will help you to track your activity during the weekend and see the opportunities for change. At first, you can start setting time limits on "bad habits", and then it will become your normal mode. 

Tip 3: Prioritizing

Often our life goals are strictly limited by the scope of work, but there is also field for achievement in our personal lives. Of course, if you are trying to get a promotion or start your own business, then sometimes you can put the work in the foreground and give it even some part of your free time. But it can't go on forever. Find goals for yourself in sports, travel, handicrafts or self-development, then your free time will be not only fun, but also useful. Prioritize to plan properly. But remember that the first place should always be your loved ones and family, because communication with them is priceless.

effective rest

Tip 4: Improvisation

Each of our tips is focused on to help you get rid of the instant sense of busyness and find more time for useful and enjoyable things. This does not mean that your weekend should be planned by the minute or become a field for achieving personal goals. On the contrary, you need to spend more time listening to yourself and fulfilling your little desires. Sometimes you just need to lie on your bed all day alone and do nothing (of course, without a phone or laptop in hand) to restore energy after a hard work week, or go to the mountains with friends.

Everyone has a way of rest and energy recharge, so we wish you to find your own and get rid of bad habits that steal your time. After all, there are so many interesting things in the world that can be an alternative to the usual pastime. In the free half an hour you can read a book, in the free 3 hours you can walk in the park, and free 3 days you can spend in the new country. The main thing is to start discovering all these new opportunities!


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