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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Top 10 reasons to use a time tracker to improve efficiency

to use a time tracker

When time is money, the using of time tracker becomes quite measurable in the material sense. To become the master of your life, you need self-discipline, concentration, attention to detail, organization, and a persistent desire to go to high goals, overcoming procrastination and others

"time traps". The time tracker helps you to organize your work more effectively. However, in professional services, online using of time tracking tools is often ignored. In order to make it easier to organize your time and/or the time of your subordinates, we present you the main reasons to start using the time tracker as soon as possible.

1. Using a time tracker allows you to better organize your team. You and your employees can track how much time it takes to complete a specific task, and see if you can save that time for the next projects. With a concrete plan, the employee, even if he has a free schedule, will not relax at strategically important moments of the workflow, but will be able to fully relax after completing the task. It's in the best interests of the individual employee and the entire team.

2. You will always have everything under control. Automatic time tracking apps capture everything you or your employee does during work. Thus eliminating the need to remember and keep everything in mind. Remember, your brain is not a notebook! What can be more convenient than having a full report on how much you earned or spent during the working day. In business, every detail has its own price, and efficiency is the key to victory!


3. The program will provide you with an important data. With accurate data on how much time a particular type of work takes, you can adjust the plan for the day, week, and even month, thus leading the work in the right direction. If you use time tracking software, you can instantly run reports on various types of tasks and the timing required to complete them. The convenience and usefulness of a time tracker is obvious here. You will know how many hours are allocated to different types of work and you could assess whether you are actually making a profit or going to a loss.

4. Employee control saves you money. As ridiculous as it may sound, the ability to control an employee who works remotely is priceless. Trends are such that remote employment wins the office. Now you need an online tool to track the workload of performers, so that you don't drain the entire budget while flunking deadlines. Scheduling worked hours ensures that you only pay for what is actually completed. It also allows you to track the performance of various employees so that you can distribute the work among the right people.


5. Determination of priority projects. Using a time tracker makes it easy to reallocate hours and shift deadlines for high-priority projects. You can always keep your team in line by having a plan with an approximate number of hours for each stage of the project and the exact location of this project in the "must do" list.

6. Ability to monitor the project stage from anywhere in the world. Often many different people are working on different parts of a project, and sometimes even on several projects at the same time, so it can be difficult to know the status of each project as needed. A time tracker for freelancers or office workers will present you a very clear picture of how much has been done, where adjustments and changes have been made, and so on. If your time tracker is located in the cloud (online data storage), you can access this data from anywhere in the world. This should also be recorded in the advantages of the time tracker.

7. Time tracking on different devices. Do you have employees in your team who work from home? Or maybe your employees are scattered all over the world? Thanks to the cloud-based time tracking system, your entire team can quickly and accurately complete tasks, regardless of what time zone they are in. Everyone can access an instantly updated cloud system from their chosen device via the Internet.

8. You will know when to raise the rate for your employees. An analysis of the time spent on each task performed by your subordinate should quickly give you an idea of whether you are correctly evaluating their work. You can compare the performance of different people, set the best example and encourage them with bonuses, thereby encouraging Laggards to work better. Great working atmosphere, isn't it?


9. Screenshots of employee screens. The benefits of time tracking are obvious, and many companies are creating software that automates this process. For example, Screenshot Monitor allows you to take random screenshots of your subordinates' screens to see what they are actually doing at any moment and track the progress of their job. This will help you to save time on physical verification of performers or on verification of mandatory reports sent by them. Less time is spent for micromanagement – more time is spent for strategic planning.

10. Time tracking motivates and disciplines you. Even if you are already a very motivated person and don't waste your time, there is always room for improvement. Knowing that your work is under control and is monitoring increases your concentration and prevents you from straying from the path to "great" results. In fact, as a full-time employee or freelancer, you may face a real need to complete a specific task faster than you did before, or faster than your teammates.

Time is an asset, or, once again, remember the words of Benjamin Franklin, who always diligently planned his time, "time is money". Continuing this quote, the equivalents of personal time are happiness, quality, and harmony. Ultimately, these are the fundamentals that determine your overall job satisfaction.

To try the time tracker 7 days for free, then buy one of the most convenient and best time trackers Chekiant - perhaps the most correct solution. After all, this web app will improve project management and help eliminate inefficiencies. This is the key to success not only in your work, but even in planning of your free time.




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