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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Top 10 best time trackers

Sitting at the workplace from 9:00 to 18:00 does not mean working productively. To work productively is to use the available resources to the maximum in order to quickly and efficiently solve the tasks. The best time trackers of working time will help everyone to work efficiently and keep track of time and money.

Time trackers are suitable for a person who wants to optimize the management of their own business. Work time trackers allow online planning to keep track of time spent. They will help you complete the task on time and develop a sense of discipline.

We offer an overview of the best time trackers so you could decide that service is best for you. 


1. Noko

2. Checkiant

3. TMetric

4. Toggl

5. Timely

6. Harvest

7. Hubstaff

8. PrimaERP

9. TimeCamp

10. Yaware.Timetracker

11. So what to choose?


Time tracker, formerly known as Freckle. The service is recommended for people who spend more time doing business than working. It is convenient and easy to use, has many features, but the free period of use is only for 14 days.

Noko offers to choose one of three paid plans: for the team, for the organization, and extended, the cost of the cheapest is $ 50. All plans have the following features:

  • easy tracking of time and earnings;
  • multi-currency invoicing;
  • unlimited number of projects;
  • reports on the main page to evaluate your performance;
  • multi-functional reports and weekly schedules;
  • hourly backups, availability of apps for smartphones, Macs, and the Chrome browser;
  • support from Noko developers.


When we talk about tracking of time and money, at the first place is a convenient interface and multi-functionality of the service. Checkiant contains all the basic features that every respectable time tracker should have: support for office and remote employees, a system of working time intervals, an overview of done work reports for previous periods, and flexible settings. And that's not all! Checkiant also differs from existing time trackers in the following features:

  • subordinate system: you can be part of a team, or you can manage it and monitor the work of each employee;
  • work planning at the beginning of the day - make a schedule for the whole day and stick to it;
  • unloaded and beautiful design - nothing extra, just the most necessary;
  • possibility of automatic checkout with the current time setting;
  • the character Checky, whos ears grow in the process of working - he will tell you his story;
  • expanded ability to edit the access - control data;
  • Ukrainian, Russian and English languages.


Time tracker of working time online, which offers to issue invoices in one click and monitor the work of all employees: in the office or remotely. The tracker developer promises that TMetric will be suitable for freelancers, consultants, marketers, software developers, lawyers, designers, and other contractors.

TMetric allows a team of up to 5 people to use it for free. There is a professional plan for budgeting, invoicing, and customer management. The most functional is the business plan, which provides large companies with monitoring and management functions.

Like most of the best work time trackers, TMetric provides a comparison table of plans with the specified available functions for each. The main ones are:

  • Timer, offline and online tracking, adding working time for completed tasks, additional user fields;
  • General project reports, detailed reports;
  • Unlimited number of projects and clients, managing access to project information, splitting projects into smaller tasks, project estimates, and invoicing for each project and employee;
  • Tracking employee activity levels, changing employee workspaces, deactivating users, workgroups, and data storage;
  • Integration with other services, availability of applications for your computer, smartphone, and web page.


This is a classic time tracker that allows you to track your daily activity from different platforms: desktop apps, websites, and smartphone apps. It is easy to use, suitable for individual use (for example, for freelancers) and for a whole team of employees.

Toggl provides three types of plans: free, initial, and premium. Depending on the selected plan, you will get a list of the main functions for your time management, including:

  • auto tracking, online and offline time tracker, time lines, data changes, using the Pomodoro method, tracking reminders;
  • creating and managing reports, working panel with basic information display;
  • create an unlimited number of projects and clients, templates for projects, project management panel;
  • user groups, creating commands, and the command control panel;
  • integration with other services.


The developers of this service offered users a hybrid calendar with a time tracker. Timely differs from other work time trackers by setting a task: the user must schedule all tasks and then follow the schedule. The program can automatically download data from other calendars. You can enter an estimated working time for each task. After the task is completed, the tracker will create a comparison of the planned time and the actual time spent.

Timely consists of four logical sections:

  • automatic time tracking: remembers everything you've worked on, groups your entries, and guesses your next activity, including estimated working hours;
  • project management: monitors the project, broken tasks, employee performance, and reports;
  • team management: fills in the schedule, provides information about employees ' working hours spent, records overtime hours, and allows you to group employees by type of activity;
  • project and team planning: visualizes employees ' plans in the General schedule, makes it easy to change it, and evenly distribute tasks among employees;

Tracker has a high rating and provides various plans for individual and team use.


One of the best working time trackers, which was created in 2006. Harvest now provides time tracking and billing services to thousands of clients worldwide - from freelancers, small business employees to large companies.

Harvest tracker offers free individual use and paid use for the team and a large number of projects. You can use it to:

  • track time and money spent;
  • track the time of your team's employees;
  • combine all project information into a single table with charts;
  • set up a payment system;
  • create an effective schedule for each employee.

Harvest is available online, on your smartphone, and on your computer.


This time tracker that was developed by remote employees. This platform provides the following features:

  • time tracking on smartphones, personal computers, website, and offline;
  • GPS tracking, automation of time tracking using geographical control and performance monitoring;
  • online schedule for the team;
  • generate reports;
  • task management;
  • simple payroll.

Hubstaff is a single platform for time and team control. This service offers free programs for working in a team on a project, as well as for finding employees and working in various fields: development, marketing, design, copywriting, content management, project management, database workers, administrators.


The program consists of three modules: Attendance, Billing, and Time Tracking. The first one helps you to track the time of workflow and non-work activities. The second one keeps a record of hourly payments and evaluates the user's work in monetary terms. In the third module, you can create clients, projects, and tasks in each project. Time Tracking takes into account the time spent on each task, project, and activity separately for each client.

Main functions:

  • setting up pricing;
  • tracker focused on projects and tasks;
  • working time monitoring, time estimation;
  • detailed reports with the ability to filter data.


Not only one of the best time trackers, but also effective monitoring of working ours and projects. This computer program reads information from the screen of employees to monitor their activities. The free version of TimeCamp offers:

  • monitoring team activities, creating reports;
  • project management, checking the spent time for each project;
  • creating invoices, depending on the worked hours and the cost of work;
  • registration of working hours, holidays, weekends and overtime hours in a convenient way for you.

The program can be used on any platform. Paid extended versions contain applications for project management, budgeting, getting screenshots of employees, and much more.


This is software for automatically tracking employee time and productivity. Tracker records employees' time at the computer and activities out of it to evaluate the full-time of work. The developers claim that using Yaware.Timetrecking allows you to track all activities without running a timer and determine which projects are taking longer and why. Tracker is available for Mac OS, Linux, Windows, IOS, and Android.

Yaware.Timetrecking offers a free plan with minimal functionality for teams up to 5 people. If you choose one of the paid packages, you will get:

  • online and offline time control;
  • user performance analysis;
  • screenshots of the screen while working;
  • accurate salary calculation;
  • calculating the workload of users, the efficiency of each employee;
  • planning your workday and tips for increasing productivity;
  • quick notifications from apps or via email.

So what to choose?

If you have not previously tracked the time spent on various activities, we recommend you to try the best time trackers listed above. In fact, there are many more of them, each with its own characteristics, pros and cons. Depending on the specifics of your business, the type of workplace, and the way you interact with employees and customers, you can choose a time tracker that is right for you and can better optimize your workflow. However, we are sure that the right time tracker is already a half of your success, because it will teach you how to manage your time correctly, which means that it will become the best time tracker for you.





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