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How companies can effectively organize remote work during the quarantine period

The coronavirus pandemic brought many changes to the existence of all mankind. During this period, it is important to care about your health, as well as follow all recommendations and preventive measures. But what if the deadline for an important project is literally breathing down your neck, and the office is already closed for quarantine? A reliable and simple time tracker Checkiant will give the answer, how not to lose the productivity of the entire team and organize the workflow of remote employees. And now Checkiant is free for everyone for 1 month.

In quarantine

Because of the risk of spreading coronavirus, quarantine is introduced not only in places where mass diseases have already been confirmed, but in many countries around the world. Partial or full quarantine has already been introduced in more than 14 countries. Among them:

  • China
  • USA
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • France
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Greece
  • Ukraine

Kindergartens, schools and universities are closed during the coronavirus epidemic. For example, in Poland, more than 6 million people do not attend classes in educational institutions. Shopping and entertainment centers, restaurants, cafes, and stores (except grocery stores) are temporarily shut down. Also, more and more companies shifting to work remotely. Such giants as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter have closed most of their offices around the world.

Even before the official introduction of quarantine, the Ministry of health published a number of tips on how to protect yourself from coronavirus at work.

  • First, avoid contact with people with SARS symptoms
  • Second, if you experience the same symptoms, stay at home
  • Third, often ventilate the work area
  • Fourth, clean your workplace with the special detergents
  • Fifth, wash your hands more often

 Remote work has become a forced measure. And thanks to a competent approach to the organization of the workflow, you can even increase overall productivity.

General recommendations for preventing the spread of coronavirus

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that cause a number of different diseases, from the common cold to severe pneumonia. The pandemic in the world was caused by one of them — COVID-19. To date, the number of infected people is 174,603. More than 100,000 people have fully recovered, and this amount is increasing every day. Therefore, you should not panic, bu pay special attention to your health and secure during this period. An example of a frivolous attitude to the spread of the virus was the case of the famous NBA player Rudy Gober. During the conference, Gober touched all the microphones in protest of the coronavirus trepidation. Two days later, he was diagnosed with a coronavirus. It is not known for sure whether touching the microphones caused the disease, but it was worth thoroughly disinfecting your hands after such a rash act.

There are many recommendations to prevent the spread of coronavirus. We have already talked about regular airing of the room and frequent washing of hands. In addition, you must:

  • Minimize contact with people who have been in places with confirmed cases of infection.
  • Strengthen your own immune system with vitamins.
  • Refuse to shake hands, hugs and kisses when meeting.
  • If symptoms appear, contact a doctor as soon as possible.

By the way, the symptoms of coronavirus differ from the usual SARS. If you notice a runny nose and frequent sneezing, do not despair. After all, the first symptoms of COVID-19: dry cough, a fast increase of temperature and difficulty breathing. Even with the presence of such symptoms, remember, only a doctor can make this diagnosis.

Remote work at home is an effective preventive measure

Due to the current situation, the changing to work remotely is one of the most effective preventive measures to avoid infection and protect the company from coronavirus. However, most managers may have a question: how to maintain the productivity of the entire team and overall control the workflow. After all, it is quite easy to cope with several freelancers, but when the entire team shifting to work remotely, it is necessary to take a more responsible approach to controlling employees. There are many ways to ensure the productivity of subordinates during quarantine. Being constantly in touch with your subordinates is a good way, but unlike using a time tracker, it does not give exact data about the progress of the project. Therefore, if you are not yet familiar with Checkiant time tracker, it's time to look at its features. After all, right now we have free access to all functions for 1 month. This is how we want to contribute to the organization of the forced shifting to work remotely.

Simple Checkiant time tracker

Checkiant time tracker is an easy and convenient tool for monitoring employees' work and tracking of working hours and earnings. In addition, Checkiant has many other features that are necessary for high-quality workflow planning and rapid achievement of goals.

Another important feature of this time tracker is an ability to calculate wages. After all, in this situation, it is necessary to fairly calculate the payment of each employee. Thanks Сheckiant time tracker, it is not difficult to do this for the entire team.

You can also view progress reports that are created automatically for a week or month, or generate a report for the time period you need.

Taking advantage of using time tracker for remote work, you will protect yourself and your employees from the dangerous coronavirus and will be able to develop your business in a quarantine period.


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