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HR management technologies in 2021

Trends in the HR world change every year. It's recommended to monitor them for everyone who is somehow connected with the business sphere and must manage the working team. Modern technologies help HR specialists (that are recruiters, managers, business coaches, and payroll specialists) to create strong and upstanding teams that are always ready for change. In order for HR management to be effective and the company to keep up with the times, you should learn about the key trends of 2021 that affect the business right now.


1. Adapting to changes is the most important professional skill in 2021

2. HR trends in 2021

3. WELL-BEING – to separate work and personal life

4. A course to expand opportunities

5. Creating a hybrid office

6. Companies with multiple owners

7. Creating a super team

8. Versatility of a single employee

9. Digital Employment Exchange

10. Social networks will take up the recruitment process

11. Working in teams

12. Online employee training

13. Best HR Programs

Adapting to changes is the most important professional skill in 2021

It's clear that due to the situation that the world has had to deal with in the last two years, many organizations have had to shift their employees to remote control and transfer their business to online sales mode.

In order for the sale of goods and services to be at a high level, it's important to entrust the work to a person who can quickly switch from offline to online format of work. So when we talk about the key functions of HR management, we talk about adaptive abilities.

системы HR менеджмента

HR trends in 2021

In the HR industry, international research on HR management trends is conducted annually. In 2021, the TOP most useful and effective technologies, methods and programs that can lead a business from decline directly to prosperity were compiled. Below you will find practical, effective and important trends that can improve HR personnel management. We will analyze each one to be able to look into the future.

WELL-BEING – to separate work and personal life

In the HR — human resource management industry, such innovations as the "well-being and health" or well-being programs have appeared. As already clear from the name, their main purpose is to increase the level of comfort and well-being of employees during the performance of their professional duties. Such HR technologies of personnel management are quite effective, which is achieved due to the following factors:

  • employees can personally choose a method for performing work tasks;
  • using digital platforms to organize collective activities;
  • availability of high-speed internet at the remote employee's home;
  • you can create a convenient work schedule and monitor its compliance;
  • assistance in the arrangement of the office at home;
  • providing corporate benefits;
  • training of new employees in the team.

This technology became popular due to the pandemic, when many specialists had to shift to remote work. In order to correctly draw a parallel between personal life and professional activity, an employee needs to ensure optimal working conditions, in which he would spend all his energy and attention on business projects.

A course to expand opportunities

Today, HR management is not just about tracking the performance of standard tasks by specialists and managing their resources, but also the ability to identify generalists who are able to work in different conditions and perform a wide range of duties. The trend is still connected with the same pandemic.

Now company leaders are encouraging employees to perform tasks that were not previously part of their job responsibilities. During the quarantine period, many employees and teams accepted this challenge and proved that they were able to do projects even in those areas of activity that were quite unusual for their specialty.

Such HR process management has allowed companies to build a solid foundation and empower their employees with new opportunities and responsibilities.

Creating a hybrid office

With the transition to remote work, flexible working hours have become commonplace for both managers and employees. In addition, this regime has increased the level of comfort of employees, and in parallel, productivity. There is only one thing left to ensure that work duties at home are performed with no less efficiency than in the office: creating a hybrid model of working offline and online. This will help improve the organization's productivity and profitability.

Companies with multiple owners

An unusual solution of the HR management system, when several or one person creates a small company, hires people and makes each of their new employees the owner of the company. These employees, as well as the creator of the company, can make important decisions about selling it or hiring new people. Such a system is effective, because each employee will perform several duties at once, and will also be personally interested in ensuring that the work is performed at the maximum, the results are high and the company thrives.

Creating a super team

Modern HR management is based on the combination of human resources with digital technologies. The core of any organization is in its team. Now managers are able to create super-collectives. These are teams where the intelligence and professional skills of employees are complemented by innovative technologies. To form such a team, you need to consider the following points:

  • application of completely new methods for the organization and control of personnel work;
  • introduction of modern incentives to improve work efficiency, for example, simple time tracker Checkiant;
  • change of the company structure, if such a step would be appropriate;
  • creating an organization structure that would advocate for improving the adaptive skills, as well as the emotional stability of their subordinates;
  • professional development and regular training of employees in order to increase the potential of the workforce.

The super team is able to increase the competitiveness of the company and bring it to higher positions in the ratings.

управление персоналом HR

Versatility of a single employee

HR and team management are rapidly changing today and will gain even greater transformations in the future. We are talking about a scheme for hiring employees. If earlier the employee came to a specific position, now the manager is looking for interchangeable and multitasking specialists. They will hire a person to solve a specific task or perform a specific project. A single employee can have dozens of contracts, performing them alternately or in a free schedule.

Such an employee, when applying for a project by the manager after its consideration, can either reject or accept the offer.

Even more interesting, the employee responsibilities themselves will change for each project. We can say that we are waiting for specialists-generalists.

Digital Employment Exchange

The formation of a digital labor exchange began to be discussed due to the fact that fewer and fewer employees are registered in companies. For a certain cost, such an instance will find employees for organizations and vice versa. Similar structures in the virtual world exist only for freelancers. In the future, perhaps, the development of digital exchanges will be taken up by government agencies. The prerequisites for this are already there today.

Social networks will take up the recruitment process

HR management technologies have reached a new level and have also connected social networks. If you use modern tools and technologies, then to the full. This is understandable, because social networks today contain information about a huge number of qualified specialists from different fields of activity. All an organization needs to do is create a positive image on the same social network to attract the attention of these professionals.

технологии HR менеджмента

Working in teams

In the course of research in the HR personnel management system, it was found that tasks are performed more efficiently and faster, and the results are higher if they are taken by the team, and not by specialists within the department. So the formation of teams is a trend of 2021, which will be supported by many companies and enterprises.

HR технологии управления персоналом

Online employee training

It is an important task for every manager to improve their skills and send their employees to additional courses. This approach allows you to manage HR performance, because all team members will be highly qualified. During the COVID-19 outbreak, managers noted that training via the Internet is no less effective, but at the same time the employee does not have to break away from his direct duties.

особенности HR управления

Best HR Programs

To increase productivity and automate project management in HR, many applications and programs have been created. For HR, they are simply irreplaceable today. Consider the TOP-5 platforms.

Designmodo email generator – for creating attractive emails to candidates

It is a constructor program for creating stylish and informative emails. The program offers a wide range of tools, templates and features a simple, intuitive interface. The number of blocks available in the free version is limited, but they will be enough to create an informative letter to attract the attention of the candidate to the company. You can add links to social networks, information from corporate blogs and other interesting enticing facts to your email.

QuizNerd – test for the programmer

Testing the programming skills is not an easy task. But modern HR technologies in personnel management will help to cope with this mission without much effort. We are talking about the QuizNerd application, which is designed to test IT specialists and anyone who wants to know their level of programming proficiency.

In this program you can complete tasks independently or challenge your colleague to a duel. There are 9 categories that contain 900 diverse questions.

IRewardHealth – for a healthy lifestyle

It is clear that every manager wants to see in his staff not only experienced and qualified, and also healthy employees. So that employees do not complain that they don't have enough time for sports and other healthy things, you can use the IRewardHealth app. Applications are sent by email. For each completed condition, employees are assigned a certain reward. This greatly motivates people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Skyhive – a new way to find candidates for the company

If you turn to the traditional methods of finding employees in the company, then at the initial stage you can only find out about the specialist's work experience, specialty and employment. To find someone who will meet the required level of knowledge and skills, you need to go beyond these boundaries. For such purposes, the SkyHive application was developed, in which the search for candidates focuses on the compliance of the declared skills with the requirements of the employer, and not on the resume created by this candidate.

This program allows you to save a lot of time on finding decent employees, and the search process itself is greatly simplified.

Heroes Jobs – innovation in the world of messaging

Now candidates for the position can send video messages instead of standard text messages. Such emails will be similar to Instagram stories. In turn, the recruiter will also be able to send a response video with a description of the company and all the benefits for the potential employee.

We reviewed the features of HR management and current trends in 2021, as well as the TOP 5 applications to help managers and job seekers. Leaders don't stay in their positions for long, if they don't adjust their work, because in the world of personnel management, everything is fleeting. Keep your finger on the pulse and follow the HR trends to to keep abreast of the latest development.