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IT outsourcing or how to find the right developer?

Information Technology Outsourcing is a subcontracting type of IT infrastructure support and external IT support of an organization. In simple terms, IT outsourcing is the process of acquiring information services by one company from another.


1. What is outsourcing? — Benefits of outsourcing

2. How to work effectively on IT outsourcing?

3. How do I find a development team?

4. IT outsourcing trends

5. Pros and cons of IT outsourcing

6. Q&A

What is outsourcing? —  Benefits of outsourcing

IT outsourcing is the distant management of technical facilities. Many companies have long ago understood that keeping an employee on staff who will work only when a problem arises is not profitable. This means that the specialist will sit idly by as long as the equipment will work harmoniously. And his salary will be charged in any case. The question is, why should you pay an employee who is not busy working all day? So the solution was found  — to attract a remote employee to your team, who will solve problems as they come in and receive money after the fact.

The range of outsourcing of IT services is wide. It includes:

  • development of web sites and applications;
  • service settings;
  • control over computer equipment and the implementation of various processes by it;
  • review and resolution of critical situations;
  • PC prevention.

A reliable remote IT contractor  increasingly becomes an integral part of the team of almost every modern company and organization.

How to work effectively on IT outsourcing?

IT outsourcing is gradually entering domestic companies, as there is an active transition from simple to more complex business models. To use the services of an IT company as efficiently as possible, use the following simple steps:

1. Standardization of business processes —  it is important to build a hierarchical structure in the company. For example, the main goal of a financial institution may be to profit from customer service that uses bank cards. In the process of establishing this process, you will need the help of a programmer who will establish information security, monitoring processes and continuous information about finances.

2. Internal service  — SLA development, that is, an indication of the entire range of information technology outsourcing services that can be provided by an IT specialist or a group of programmers to the employing company.

3. Out- and insourcing  — after all the requirements are contained in the SLA, company leaders will have to analyze the feasibility of receiving each of the services.

4. Searching for a supplier and signing a cooperation agreement. At this stage, it is essential to solve a number of issues, among which: do you need one contractor or a team of specialists, where to find a good programmer, for how long to conclude a contract. You can also pay attention to multi-regional workers.

5. Control —  it  implies monitoring compliance with all the conditions that were contained in the contract by both parties.

It is necessary to move in the direction of ‘IT outsourcing’ consciously, because this process must be justified by increasing the efficiency of the business. Finding a good programmer is the №1 task along the way.

How do I find a development team?

After we figured out what outsourcing companies are and realized that a reliable developer can make the life of a manager or business owner easier, while the bad one, on the contrary, complicates it, we need to find out the criteria for choosing a particular specialist or team of professionals. After communicating with the developer, if it becomes clear that he thinks in the same direction and imagines the project the same way as you do, it is worth starting a mutually beneficial cooperation. In order not to be disappointed in your choice, it is necessary to carefully check outsourcing companies according to the following principle:

  • assessment of design and estimate documentation and its content  — the comprehensive list of services includes analysis, design, creation of a layout, design and architecture, program code and its documentation, program testing, launching on the customer's server, maintenance and consultation;
  • development of a technical specification —  the developer indicates what should be included in the project and what should not;
  • code documentation —  it is important that the programmer can provide clear instructions on how to manage the code at the end of his work, which simplifies tasks for those who will work with it in the future;
  • verification of intellectual property rights —  you need to analyze the following points: whether the code was acquired legally, what manipulations are allowed with the code and how much it will be changed, whether it will be an absolutely original product as a result;
  • independent tests before start —  it is necessary to make sure that the developers are ready to provide a test drive personally to the customer when the project is completed;
  • participation in the process —  also the contractor should not prevent the customer from taking part in the work;
  • providing help after —  additional services may be needed at first, and in order to deal with them as quickly as possible, you need the help of IT professionals.

As you can see, finding a development team is a multi-stage and responsible task. If the search for programmers goes right, and you select a reliable, competent team, then you will replenish your business with a dynamic tool that will help you to reduce costs, time to complete work, and also gain confidence in the coherence of all IT processes.

IT outsourcing trends

To give a correct assessment of IT outsourcing, it is worth getting acquainted with the IT functions. They determine the trends in this area. These include:

  • customer support
  • network equipment
  • development of mobile applications:
  • software support and control;
  • work with data centers;
  • integration processes;
  • help from personnel officers.

We have already figured out how to find a programmer or a team of specialists who will perform all the above tasks with high quality. Now let's see what new things await us in 2021 in the field of IT outsourcing:

  1. Value comes first, then price.
  2. Several developers per project.
  3. Eastern and Central Europe meeting.
  4. New Business Models
  5. Process automation
  6. Cloud platforms.

Instead of one specialist, a company needs a development team, in which each participant takes on part of the functions. This allows you to achieve the highest possible results and get the product tested on the first try, which also saves time.

Pros and cons of IT outsourcing

In order to choose a reliable and qualified specialist, you should visit the developer's website, read reviews about him, see examples of work and get acquainted with the list of services. This will not be difficult, because today every programmer seeks to get an account on a social network or a personal web portal to reach the target audience. And it is very convenient, and also significantly saves your time. Among the advantages of IT outsourcing are the following:

  1. Saving money—   the IT team is no longer necessary, since it can be replaced by one remote specialist.
  2. Optimization of processes —  if you put information technology in the trustworthy hands of contractors, you can throw all your strength into business development, investing more energy, time and money in it.
  3. The door to the world of high technologies is opening for creating a website —  the creation of ultra-fashionable services and multifunctional developments that will help outstrip competitors has now become a reality.
  4. Guaranteed high result  — services are provided according to the current SLA, and the contractor monitors the competence of his employees.

IT outsourcing is not devoid of disadvantages, although there are significantly fewer of them than positive aspects. Let's name the main ones:

  • First, it will take time to adapt so that the client and contractor find a common language.
  • Second, there is a decrease in managerial flexibility.

The pros and cons help to realize the effectiveness of introducing qualified IT specialists into your business.

An outsourcer provides many benefits to organizations that do not have sufficient resources to control production processes. In addition, such a solution will allow them to fully concentrate on their business.


  1. What is included in IT outsourcing?—   The range of services includes planning, implementation and technical support of server and network infrastructure, as well as maintenance of PCs and peripheral equipment, administration of software and information systems.
  2. Who needs IT outsourcing? —  Literally everyone: large, medium and small businesses. It depends on the business processes in the organization and the size of the company itself.
  3. Are there guarantees of nondisclosure in IT outsourcing? —  Yes, a confidentiality agreement or, as it is also called, a nondisclosure agreement must be concluded between the contractor and the client.
  4. How can the cost of services be reduced? —  Since many specialists work remotely, it turns out to save money on a full-time team of workers.
  5. What mistake can you make when choosing an IT service provider? —  It can be a rash, hasty choice without comparing reviews of different programmers.
  6. Are there any benefits of IT outsourcing for large and small businesses? —  It is beneficial in any case for two main reasons: saving money and optimal organization of labor resources in the company.
  7. What is the right way to switch to outsourcing?  — First, you need to decide what functions are transferred to the performer, after which you should calculate the costs of IT processes in your production, comparing them with the costs that could be when hiring a remote worker. If the latter option turns out to be more profitable, then we choose a contractor, negotiate the terms of cooperation with him and conclude an agreement.

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