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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

How to control employees' work. Checkiant - a simple time tracking program

program for control the employees' work

The desire to succeed is important for each of us. Especially for business owners. After all, creating even the smallest company, they are sure that they will be able to reach all sorts goals in their business.

To make your dreams come true, you need to have a professional, and most importantly a reliable team. But how to maintain team spirit, move in the same direction and achieve goals together, even after a long time period?

It's time to talk about effective control of your subordinates for real development, in particular with the help of the Checkiant time tracker.


1. Methods of employees ' work control

2. Checkiant - simple and convenient time tracker

3. Monitoring of remote employees

Methods of employees' work control

There are many ways to monitor the actions of your employees during the working day. Some managers prefer oral control, others use video surveillance, and some even give full freedom to their employees. By the way, the last method has long taken root in Google. Their corporate policy assumes that by giving employees absolute freedom in their approach to project execution, they achieve better results. But it is important to understand that not every company is Google, and giving full freedom to subordinates there is a risk of turning the workflow into chaos. That is why it is necessary to determine the most effective methods of monitoring the of employees' work. Among the most popular:

  • Regular meetings. Еhe boss will know about the executed work directly from subordinates. But you can make sure that they are honest only after the results are obtained.
  • Video surveillance and contact access. They are useful for managers who want to be sure that their subordinates come on time, and are engaged in their duties during working day. After all, there is a part of the great procrastinator in each of us, the main thing is to take it under control in time.
  • CRM system (Customer Relationship Management). Another, more automated step of monitoring the workflow. This control system allows you to get a report about actions of a specific person who works in the company. After all, it is based on collecting information about when a person logged in or out the system. But it's difficult to find out about the real productivity using CRM.
  • Time trackers. Modern and universal employees control system. After all, all the features of the previous methods are not only used in time trackers, but also give more effective results. For example, Checkiant time tracker makes it easier for managers, employees, and even freelancers to work.

Checkiant - simple and convenient time tracker

When we were creating Checkiant, we first thought about the benefits it would bring to its users. It will help to increase productivity, and won't take your time by using the service with a overloaded interface. At the same time, despite the broadest functionality, you can understand everything in a few minutes!

Advantages of Checkiant time tracker

  • Convenient and easy tracking of working hours. A clear, intuitive interface and fast loading allow you to spend less time working with the time tracker and help you achieve more results in less time.
  • Earning tracking. Employees will no longer have questions concerning the amount of salary. It's because Checkiant analyzes and creates a report of the time that the subordinate actually worked.
  • Ability to get automatic weekly and monthly reports.
  • There is a system of access to subordinates in several levels. The manager will be able to track the working intervals of subordinates, set rates, receive their work reports and have access to personal data.
  • High-quality mobile and web versions.
  • Cute Chekki, whose ears grow up during the week depending on how much time has been worked out. At the end of the week, the length of the ears will show who worked hard and who did not. And on Monday, the ears will become small again.
  • This list can be continued for a very long time. After all, using of Checkiant time tracker is possible for absolutely different purposes. Find out right now about 6 examples of using Checkiant in the company's work.

Monitoring of remote employees

Working with freelancers is not always about saving company' money and nice communication in messengers about setted tasks. Often, working with freelancers means broken deadline, an irresponsible approach to work and ignoring the messages. Of course, we are not talking about everyone, but sometimes cooperation with such "valuable personnel" can happen. Therefore, it is equally important to pay attention not only to monitoring the activities of employees in the office, but also to remote workers. With the help of Checkiant time tracker, you will know what the subordinate was doing on his computer while working. Especially if it's a freelancer. In addition, Checkiant supports different time zones, so you can work remotely with a person from anywhere in the world. What's the reason to expand your business beyond the borders of your native region.


Spend time developing your business and leave the control of your employees productivity to Checkiant time tracker.





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