Competitive intelligence: effective methods and popular tools

business intelligence

Competitive intelligence is a great opportunity to be aware of everything that is happening in your field of business, to promote your company, to be able to offer to the customers the best products that have advantages over the products of competitors. The data obtained during the "investigation" helps to build a reliable and effective strategy and tactics for developing your business.

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Group games for teambuilding

fun team building games

The manager has a great responsibility: he needs to identify the weaknesses and strengths of each employee, monitor the effectiveness of the tasks assigned to the team, and constantly motivate the team to work. Simple time tracking apps Checkiant, various promotions, and, of course, team building help them do this.

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Benefits of breaks for work

Benefits of taking breaks at work

Many managers encourage the workaholism of their employees. They believe that if workers will work hard all day long, then the productivity, of course, will be higher, and the desired results will be achieved faster. In fact, the lack of rest during the working day is bad for health and doesn’t speed up, but rather slows down the implementation of tasks.

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How to organize an effective meeting?

 an effective meeting

During the meeting, everyone can initiate their own idea, discuss an exciting issue, make a plan of action for the day or the entire working week, plan an event or a meeting with business partners. Not to turn the meeting process into beating around the bush, but to conduct an effective meeting at which important decisions would be made, the manager must know all the subtleties of meeting organizing.

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Top 10 factors that interfere the work in the office

what hinder the work

This year, most people have tried to work remotely at home. Someone like this more, someone less. Therefore, now there are “two camps”: some employees don't want to return to their offices, and others miss so much the office atmosphere that they use online office noise generators.

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