How can a work team use the time-tracker Checkiant? 6 simple examples

examples of ussing the time-tracker

A time-tracker can only calculate the time worked and create a weekly, monthly or annual report. Or not? We found 6 examples of using Checkiant to improve the work of a team or a whole company company:

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Who is responsible for happiness at work?

Everyone dreams of finding a job that will bring not only money but also happiness. In the concept of "happiness at work" everyone puts his own meaning.

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The most productive hours for the brain working

Depending on the time of day our body is oriented for different goals. It must take care of meal, productive work and good rest. In this regard, many people have a more or less constant daily regime, which helps them to be active and effective throughout the day.

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Chronodex: the Great and Powerful

What is a Chronodex

The circular time tracking system was created in 2012 by a Japanese named Patrick Ng and found many fans around the world. It has become popular among creative persons who do not like standard diaries. Despite its unusual appearance, this is a fairly simple and creative method of time visualizing.

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How to measure time?

Как измерить время?

Now (or so).

In ancient times, time was measured very inaccurately. For long intervals, such astronomical indicators were used: the rotation of the Earth around its axis is a day, the Moon's revolution around the Earth is a month, the Earth revolution around the Sun is a year. Short intervals were measured by candles, hourglasses, sun shadows.

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