Why do you need a time tracker for small businesses

best time tracker for small business

Being independent from employers, doing what you love, and making a good profit with a minimum starting capital — are just a few advantages of owning a small business. Moreover, thanks to the existence of small businesses, the number of employments increases significantly, hence, the country's economic indicators increases, too.

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Top 10 techniques for work motivation

to increase work motivation

Sometimes you don't want to do anything at all? You think: I seems to be a hardworking person, but laziness comes more and more, and it becomes so difficult to work. There is a decline in physical strength, increased irritability, which leads to stress, stagnation in the work and even depression. And which of us will be happy with this prospect? But there is a way out! We offer 10 methods for motivation in work, with which you and your employees will be able to get rid of laziness and increase motivation for work.

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7 main reasons for using the Pomodoro technique

Pomodoro method

You have already clearly decided to finish the report\project\lab work today and not a minute later. After all, your future depends on it. However, after a while, you find yourself doing something completely unrelated to the previously identified task. And the time to get close to your desired goal has disappeared. And this repeats day after day. The Pomodoro technique will help to break this vicious circle.

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Top 13 programs for content manager

best programs for content manager

Content manager's programs are necessary for a specialist who manages the creation and placement of posts on a site or on a page in a social network. After all, he makes publication plans, searches for suitable content, edits materials and monitors the development of the site or account.

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Top 14 webmaster programs

best webmaster programs

Programming and IT are very popular now. To be a programmer or an expert in the field of computer technology is very prestigious and promising. Even those who have been engaged in other activities all their life can become a web developer. The main thing is to find a direction that you are interested in studying, download good webmaster programs and use them correctly.

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