Top 10 self-control skills to defeat procrastination

Consciously or unconsciously, we try to avoid performing difficult and, in comparison, not very pleasant tasks. And this tendency can develop the procrastination. The famous writer George Martin is one of the brightest representatives of the procrastinators. Agree, swimming in the pool, blowing soap bubbles and taking a sun bath is much more pleasant than thinking through the actions of each character in detail. This is what the author of the series of books "A Song of Ice and Fire" was doing instead of finishing next book, which sincere fans have been waiting for for years.

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Procrastanation! What's that in simple terms?

Procrastanation! What's that in simple terms

Goals have been set, plans have been prepared, and a working atmosphere has been created. It would seem that it's time to get down to business. But, wait a minute, here's a message from friends, suddenly I want to finish reading a book that has long been forgotten, and you are distracted by the good weather outside. And we start putting it off. After all, nothing will happen if we do something else for a couple minutes.

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Top 10 best time trackers

Sitting at the workplace from 9:00 to 18:00 does not mean working productively. To work productively is to use the available resources to the maximum in order to quickly and efficiently solve the tasks. The best time trackers of working time will help everyone to work efficiently and keep track of time and money.

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How companies can effectively organize remote work during the quarantine period

how to work in quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic brought many changes to the existence of all mankind. During this period, it is important to care about your health, as well as follow all recommendations and preventive measures. But what if the deadline for an important project is literally breathing down your neck, and the office is already closed for quarantine? A reliable and simple time tracker Checkiant will give the answer, how not to lose the productivity of the entire team and organize the workflow of remote employees. And now Checkiant is free for everyone for 1 month.

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Free use of Checkiant time tracker for 1 month

free time tracker Checkiant

The quarantine caused an unplanned failure in the working regime of many companies. We sincerely want to help make the transition to remote work as easy as possible. Therefore, we provide all companies and individuals who have been forced to switch to remote work with free access for 1 month to our product - Checkiant time tracker.

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