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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Simple and convenient work hours tracker Checkiant

The work time tracker is necessary for better organization of your work and getting everything done on time. After all, the ability to use your time efficiently is one of the most important skills today. But, unfortunately, not everyone is aware of how important it is to control the hours and even minutes of your life. Here the question arises: how to organize your time to achieve the best results and not be distracted by "something interesting". And if you have already come face to face with problem, it's time to get acquainted with work time tracker Checkiant.


1. Why do you need a work time tracker

2. What is the practical benefit

3. What functions should be in the time tracker 

Why do you need a work time tracker

We created this time tracker not only to track the amount of hours you or your employees spent for work, and their earnings, but also to make everyone aware of the value of their own time, up to a second. Thanks to the simplicity of the interface, Checkiant user can quickly understand what's what and immediately start using it. And by the first deadline, you will be able to see how productivity have increased. Moreover, you can track the work time of people working in the office and employees working remotely.

But it's not all advantages of using the working time tracker.

 What is the practical benefit

Every manager would like to have exceptionally responsible and extremely hard-working employees under his or her command. However, there are often situations when employees seem to work hard, and the project is either not ready by the deadline. Time trackers are one of the "magic pills" that can prevent the deadline from burning to the ground. By the way, you can find out about the pros and cons of deadlines here. Actually, a time tracker for a computer is a program that allows you to control the workflow for better results, as well as take into account the time spent on the task.

Also work time trackers are used for:

  • Productivity analysis
  • Optimization of business processes
  • Visualization of the overall progress
  • Fair wage calculation
  • Improving the efficiency of freelancers
  • Automatic creation of reports

Online work time trackers can be useful for any field. But such a system of time tracking is especially popular among programmers. After all, creating important projects requires a huge concentration of the whole team and each member. It is much easier to track done tasks using the work time tracker. Moreover, you can use the time tracker both on your computer and in the app on your smartphone.

 What functions should be in the time tracker

The more time we spend on solving problems, the less likely is that the results will be effective. For example, Microsoft conducted an experiment that reduced the work week to 4 days. As a result, employee productivity increased by 40%. And if the company does not have the ability to reduce the working time, but there is a great desire to improve the quality of employees' work? Then time trackers is just what you need.

For example, Checkiant can easily calculate how much time an employee spends on a specific task will cost. All you need to do is to create a project, give it a name, and run the counter. Done! The first step for increasing productivity has been taken.

It is also easy to make reports of the done work. Moreover, you can analyze both one working day and a whole month. This way you can aware about the shortcomings and overtimes of your subordinates.

Checkiant work time tracker can be used both individually for freelancers and in a large company. Thanks to the system of subordinates in several levels, the manager of each level will be able to access and manage the settings of his subordinates.

Another useful feature of Checkiant is an ability to track your earnings history, as well as saving previous employee rates. If the rate has changed, all data about earnings from previous periods are saved.

Using these advantages of Checkiant time tracker, you will achieve the desired results faster.






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