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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Top 15 programs for marketing

The useful programs will never be superfluous. And no matter, have you been working in marketing for a long time, or are you just the beginner. In this article, we have collected the most popular and useful applications and programs for marketing.

Analysis of user interaction with the site

During the first launch of the site for production or promotion, the marketer working with the site must track the actions of all visitors and new users. Special services for the marketing will be able to collect data on the site and create some statistics that will show more or less effective ways to promote the site.

 Google Analytics

A service from Google that allows you to analyze user behavior on the site. Data that the service collects:

  • traffic data (number of pages visited by the user; number of sessions; number of users who viewed this website over a certain period of time; number of new users);
  • geographical distribution of the audience and activity;
  • the sources from which users went to this website and the most popular pages on the site.

This information Google collectes in a report that you can check the loading speed of your site users with a search engine or another website passed user, which pages, buttons, and other elements of the site most frequently used by your visitors, what devices users are browsing and much more.

This program for marketing is one of the most important tools. This service allows you to analyze 5 million pages per month for free, but there is also a paid version with more functionality.


The analogue of the previous program from the company Yandex. The service collects information about user actions, as well as analyzes traffic sources, site availability, and the effectiveness of online or offline advertising. Yandex.Metrics is a business marketing program that will be useful for the site owner, because the system analyzes the following data:

  • bounce rate (the number of clients who have been on the site for less than 15 seconds);
  • average time on the site;
  • age of users;
  • depth viewing of the site.

Almost all the features of the service are free.

Applications for working with files online

Now it is very convenient to exchange documents with colleagues online. Moreover, document storage on cloud services provides access to files from any device and allows shared access to viewing and editing files. The most popular apps for working as a marketer are what Google offers to its users.

Google Docs

Familiar to us Microsoft Word, only on the Google server. Features of working with documents:

  • text editing and formatting, spell checking tools, and more;
  • common work in a file;
  • AutoSave; if there is no network connection, work with the last saved version of the document, and when you connect to the Internet, the file will be saved and updated again;
  • history of changes.

Google Tables

Like Google Docs, Google Tables provides file sharing, AutoSave, and access from any device. The service is also very similar and compatible with Microsoft Excel. Useful features for marketing: data analysis and automatic compilation of various charts.

Google Presentations

In addition to the standard functions of online applications, Google Presentations provide the ability to create slides, change their order, format text, insert shapes and images. There is a large selection of themes and designs. Ready-made presentations are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Marketer tools for time planning and tracking

A marketer can be confident in the growth of a promoted product when he have a clear plan. It is convenient to develop a plan and follow it using marketing and management programs. They make it easy to create a list of tasks that each team member is responsible for, as well as keep track of when, on which platform, and what content to publish.


An application for scheduling publications in different social networks. Instagram Facebook and Twitter reports can also be used to track the effectiveness of media, as well as to make recommendations for increasing reach and sales.

Creating Instagram stories schedules, adding locations and using tags for Instagram posts, linking to online stores, and saving and managing hashtags - it's not a complete list of Buffer's features.


The program offers special calendars for blogging and marketing. It allows you to manage your work with social networks, interact with other sites, and share your calendar with colleagues. The Marketing Suite applications are a content organizer, work planner, file management, and productivity improvement.


A system for working with many projects and to-do lists. Divide tasks into specific groups ("boards"), and on each board allocate space for tasks in progress, in plans, and ready-made. Tasks-cards can be inserted from one list to another, while adding comments, attaching files to them, setting time limits, and sharing with team members. You can create a common board to share with the team the objectives of the project.


A simple time tracker Checkiant is suitable for any type of activity, especially for marketing. After you have created a ton of stuff to do and scheduled them in the above programs, you need to track the time of their completion. Time tracking allows to organize and discipline both one person and an entire team. When you are working on a specific task, you need to start a timer, and then you can analyze the implementation and the time you spent on it.

A short list of Checkiant's functions:

  • history of rates;
  • flexible settings for building reports and graphs;
  • the system of intervals, the choice of the client and the project;
  • subordinate system for team managers.

Charts for work and content

When working with a large bulk of tasks for a large-scale project, it is sometimes difficult to remember all the nuances. You need to schedule each task correctly, so that it is easier to visually perceive the overall plan. Using different schedules also helps to understand better information if you want to discuss with colleagues the results of promotion and Internet marketing for a particular project.


We have already written about the method of memorizing and studying information Mind Mapping. XMind is one of many programs for creating mental maps. Marketing is promotion on the Internet, in social networks, and all kinds of advertising. When we talk about marketing on different sites and advertising in different ways, it is convenient to draw mental maps with branches for each site. Or if we organize work in a team, you can paint tasks for each person as a separate circle in the overall picture.

This application is cross-platform, and you can also create tables, logical graphs, timelines, and so on.


A service for creating charts, graphs, algorithms, drawings, tables, and relationships. The app allows you to work with files as a team. You can share results with colleagues and track changes.

You can use this program to create schedules for work reports, or to create content elements.

Visual part of the content

A properly designed image or banner is the key to success in a marketing campaign. You don't have to be a design guru to create the simplest images that will harmoniously complement any material. The marketer must have simple programs to create a visual.


A service for creating images, illustrations, and infographics for posts and articles. The service is very simple, it is easy to understand how to use it, even a person who doesn't work with graphic editors and design programs can do what they need. There is a huge set of templates and blanks. The free version doesn't have a lot of icons and images, but it's enough for simple images or banners.

Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Photoshop Express

The most popular editor and its mobile version. Make a picture for a post, an image for a news or blog article, or retouch a photo for instagram - Photoshop can do it. It is also suitable for simple image processing and editing. And the smartphone app can be mastered by everyone.

Video communication with the team

Often marketers work remotely or for other reasons cannot hold a live meeting with the team. To keep in touch with others, have everything under control, and work productively, you can use video conferencing software. This became especially true during the quarantine. All employees stay at home, but they can negotiate working moments as well as in office environment.


The service offers regular calls, conferences with a large number of participants, and even webinars and other events.

The free version allows you to conduct a team work remotely or a web conference with 100 participants, but only for 40 minutes. Then the connection is interrupted and if you want to continue, you need to make a call again. Paid plans offer many additional features for storing information, managing calls, and the maximum number of participants is up to 1000 people with no time limit.


The free version offers simultaneous connection of 12 Webcams, a call from a phone number, a screen display, and a chat during a meeting. The following features are available in the paid version:

  • recording of meetings;
  • save all comments and notes;
  • remote access of one participant to another's computer;
  • personalization of the meeting.

We are sure that if you are an experienced marketer, you are familiar with most of these services. But if you are a beginner, it would be useful for you to know exactly what programs to use in marketing to analyze and promote products.





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