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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Top 9 programs for copywriters

Do you want to earn money writing the texts, but don't know how to start? You can express your thoughts well, like creative activities and want to develop in this field? The using of programs and apps for copywriters also affects the quality of work, as well as knowledge of grammar, journalism, SMM and SEO promotion.


1. The searching of popular topics

2. Advanced editors

3. Checking the grammar

4. For freelancers

The searching of popular topics

It is easy to write a text when the content manager has already come up with a topic, compiled a list of keywords, and you only need to open the content task and begin to write. Useful programs for copywriters help to determine the popularity of a topic and the frequency of it's requests to form an interesting article.

Google Trends

A free service from Google to analyze the popularity of search queries. If you already know what topic you want to check for popularity, just enter the necessary keywords in the special field and the app will create a report with the following data:

  • popularity dynamics - at what time how many people entered this query in the search;
  • popularity by region - in which country people are more interested in it;
  • similar and additional queries.

You can select a region and period of time for more focused analysis of the search query. The service also offers to enter several queries and compare their popularity.

If You are just thinking about what to write about - the site has a selection of the most relevant topics at the moment. You can view all the most frequently asked queries over the past 5 years.

Keyword Tool

A tool for searching various queries for multiple keywords. For example, you enter "Leonardo DiCaprio" and the program makes a list of all the phrases that people with these keywords have searched for. For example: "Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar", "Leonardo DiCaprio Titanic" and so on. The second tab is questions with your keywords: "how old is Leonardo DiCaprio?"

There are detailed statistics for each query: the number, popularity over the past year, and the amount of spent money on advertising for this query. To see all the data collected for your query, you need to sign up for a monthly or annual subscription.

Advanced editors

A text editor for a copywriter is the most important working tool. Someone needs to urgently draft a small post on Instagram, and another consistently writes serious articles every day. Each problem has its own appropriate solution method. Therefore, in the next section we have collected the most popular, diverse and most importantly - free apps for copywriters and rewriters.

Google Docs

The most popular and versatile text editor. You probably already know him. Suitable for both large texts and short posts. Main useful functions:

  • compatible with all other editors, including MS Office;
  • inserting figures, tables, formulas, and other elements;
  • grammar and spelling check;
  • statistics (counting words and symbols);
  • access from a laptop, PC, and smartphone;
  • working with documents together.

Google documents are ideal for employees who are used to work with standard editors and use other Google products.


Minimalistic design and only basic functions: select the desired words, add a hyperlink, save a file. ZenPen copywriting program is a website where you can immediately write your own text. You can use it when you don't need to insert extra elements in the text and you can't be distracted. It will be useful if you need to finish the work in a short time. For small posts for social networks, you can't find a better editor.

Hemingway App

A free tool that is designed to facilitate the work of writers. It is also minimalistic, like the previous editor, but it has its own features:

  • website and apps for Windows and Mac OS;
  • two modes: white background and editing;
  • the white background is just a text typing and the main buttons for highlighting the text;
  • in editing mode, the program determines the complexity of each sentence and suggests how to simplify it.
  • in articles in English, the app also shows verb overloading and passive usage.

Checking the grammar

Copywriters all over the world often has to write English texts. But not everyone is good with grammar, many translate their articles using a translator. Therefore, it is very important to have a useful service that will monitor the correctness of writing materials.


This app is perfect for copywriters who write in English. It immediately checks the word and the whole sentence for grammar and typos. If Grammarly finds an error, It immediately offers replacement options to improve the text.

Advantages Of Grammarly:

  • You can use the program completely free of charge;
  • it will be useful for particularly lazy rewriters, because it will only take a few minutes to translate the material. All you need to do is translate the text using a
  • translator and fix the errors that Grammarly finds;
  • there are applications for browsers, MS Office text editor, and even a desktop version.

For freelancers

Remote work is now one of the best ways to earn money. If your company does not provide opportunities to work from home, you should try freelancing. Copywriters are one of the most popular employees on the Internet. To properly build and organize the workflow at home and not waste your time in vain, you need the following programs for copywriters.


A simple time tracker Checkiant is a great assistant if you need to provide the customer with an invoice for the work done. Start the timer when you are working, mark the project and the client, and add comments if necessary to track the work hours and earned money.

The service saves the history of rates - you can set a different rate for each interval. Checkiant's functionality allows you to create flexible reports to show to user how much time it took for a specific task and how much money they earned.

In addition, if you decide to hire several assistants, you will need a system of subordinates: you can monitor their work and productivity.


Note-taking app on your phone, laptop, and computer - all data synchronize between devices. Suitable for those who may suddenly get inspired: on the bus on the way home, in a cafe, in the mountains or on a picnic with friends. You can add photos and text to notes, record audio notes, and even create handwritten notes.

To plan your time, create lists in Evernote and mark completed tasks. You can also sort and group all your notes. The search works by name, date, and keyword.


The freelancer himself communicates with clients. They can conduct a conversation in Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp, but more professionally - make video calls using special services. For example, in Zoom, you can have a meet up to 40 minutes for free and connect up to 100 users to a single call. If you want more features, you can purchase a paid subscription.

If you think at first sigh that a copywriter needs only Microsoft Word to be happy, then you are gravely mistaken. Of course, a person who writes articles rarely and more for fun will not worry about look for a lot of programs for its work. But a professional copywriter or rewriter should use special services that will make it easy to edit text for various sites, search for relevant topics, plan their projects, keep track of time and communicate with the clients.






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