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How to cope with chronic fatigue at work

When we get a new interesting job, we are always full of enthusiasm and start solving even the most difficult tasks. But when a favorite business ceases to bring former joy, we risk adding to the ranks of "burned out" employees. At best, we lose the desire to work, and at worst - get a chronic fatigue syndrome.


1. How does chronic fatigue syndrome appear?

2. Proper organization of the work process helps to overcome the chronic fatigue syndrome

3. Plan the work and rest applying time management apps

4. Helpful habits for your health

How does chronic fatigue syndrome appear?

A large number of tasks, a high level of responsibility, too tight deadlines, overtimes, fear of dismissal, and even the banal inability to say "no" - all these factors lead to the accumulation of stress in our body. As a result, concentration and productivity fall and the quality of our work deteriorates. Sleepiness, apathy, headache, and even depression also appear. This is how work burnout and chronic fatigue occur in your life. If you notice that most of the symptoms have become an integral part of every working day, you should seek help at a specialist. Advice from a psychologist will help you solve the problem at an early stage. If this method has not brought changes, you need to resort to more serious treatment.

The causes of chronic fatigue syndrome are different. Accumulating work stress is one of them. Knowing how to overcome chronic fatigue, you can avoid many problems that spoil the quality of life. You should start with a competent organization of the workflow.

Proper organization of the work process helps to overcome the chronic fatigue syndrome

The concept of efficiency is equally important for both the manager and the subordinate. After all, the more productive the entire team work, the higher are the results. It is the correct organization of the workflow that can prevent the occurrence of chronic fatigue.

  1. First of all, take care of optimizing the performance of all tasks. Remember that a uniform load on the brain during the working day allows you to achieve the desired results more effectively.
  2. Motivation is one of the most important elements of a competent work organization. A properly motivated employee will not even have a question: "how to deal with chronic fatigue and drowsiness". He simply won't have them.
  3. Using time management tools will allow you to clearly plan your day, track what you are spending time on, as well as create a convenient daily schedule for yourself. For example, the convenient and simple time tracker Checkiant will help you to track the spent time and analyze the efficiency of the day, week, month, etc. in clear graphs and reports.

Plan the work and rest applying time management apps

In order to make your work more productive and your rest more enjoyable, it is important to choose the right time management method for you. You probably know about the benefits of planning to achieve business goals. However, planning your own free time or vacation is also important. For example, during the work day, scheduled short time-outs help the brain to work more efficiently. One of the most productive ways is the Pomodoro technique. A break every 25 minutes will save the body from unnecessary fatigue. Chronodex technology allows you to track your productivity throughout the day and graphically represent the distribution of your time. Tracking the completion of tasks using a time tracker helps you to work more effectively, and you will always know when you can have a rest and replenish your strength, and therefore to care about your own health.

 Helpful habits for your health:

By reacting to the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome in time, you will be able to get rid of this unpleasant disease faster. But if these healthy habits are present in your life, you will never encounter chronic fatigue.

  • Healthy sleep 7-9 hours a day
  • Srorts, exercising  in the morning also counts
  • Proper and complete nutrition.
  • Sufficient water (30 ml per 1 kg of weight per day)
  • Control of your own health, timely access to doctors, etc.

Thanks to all these tips, you will enjoy life without drowsiness, weakness and fatigue.





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