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Top 13 programs and applications for SEO experts

Search engine optimization is a very popular service that is in a great demand now. Any site, and especially a site with a large number of products or a wide range of services needs to be promoted. There is no point in making a serious site with high-quality content, if it will get low positions in the search results, where only few people could see it. SEO programs and apps analyze a lot of site's indicators and using them the SEO expert make the necessary improvements.

 Defining the search queries and creating a semantic core

The semantic core is the foundation of the site in terms of promotion. A properly compiled semantic core will boost your site into the TOP of search results. For this you will need the best SEO programs:

Yandex Wordstat

A free service for evaluating user interest in various topics. When you enter a query that interests you, this SEO analysis program shows the number of search results for the reporting period in response to all queries with the content of the specified keyword. After studying the basic and auxiliary operators, you could easily filter the results of collected statistics from Yandex Wordstat for your work.

Key Collector

The paid program for SEO promotion offers more than 70 parameters for evaluating keywords. It collects keywords, creates a semantic core, and even performs an express-analysis of the site to determine whether its content matches the semantic core. Key Collector also allows you to determine the most relevant search engine version of the site page and then download the results in one click.

Word Keeper

Keyword and frequency collector from Yandex Wordstat. The service offers comparison of TOP results, tree grouping of keywords, high-speed parsing processing, integration with Key Collector, and access from any device. Up to 100 requests can be checked for free. For more - you can apply different rates.


A multi-functional platform incledes 5 tools that no seo specialist can do without. Features provided for SEO-audit:

  • keyword analysis;
  • search analytics;
  • analysis of paid output;
  • site audit;
  • creating ideas for content;
  • position monitoring, market research, competitor analysis;
  • reports and graphs;
  • link analysis.

Moreover, this service has extensions for different browsers.


An incomplete list of features that the program offers:

  • keywords research;
  • domain analysis and comparison;
  • the combination and comparison of words;
  • words counting and normalization.

There is a free option and paid packages.


 It's a program for writing SEO texts. Enter your query in a special field and the site will immediately show you all similar queries in each popular search engine. From all displayed keywords, you can easily create a semantic core and select topics for articles.

Site analysis and other useful programs for SEO optimization

The task of a SEO specialist is not only to optimize and to promote. You also need SEO analysis programs that work with the site itself, that you are the promotioning.

Batch Speed

Analysis of site loading speed. Unlike other services, Batch Speed allows you to analyze multiple pages at once - you just need to list all the URLS of the promoted pages.

Wayback Machine

This is a digital archive of all information on the Internet. With this app, the user can view the history of a specific site: in what year the site was created, what modifications were made.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

A good scanner for small and very large sites. What it can be used for:

  • finding broken links and server errors;
  • to analyze the headers of the website and metadata;
  • generating a site map;
  • managing redirects;
  • finding duplicate pages and content;
  • overview of robots files;
  • visualization of the site architecture.

For basic use, the free version is sufficient, but you can buy an unlimited amount of crowling and features.


A tool for SEO promotion created to solve the following tasks:

analysis of competitors' organic output, evaluation of link promotion, content, and traffic.
keyword analysis with various modifications.
analysis of backlinks.
content analysis.
analysis of the positions.

META SEO inspector

Plugin for the Google Chrome browser. This SEO app analyzes a specific page: title, metadata, keywords, markup, images, links, and so on.


There will not be a specific name or link here, because there are many of these programs for different purposes. Basically, they work the same way: it is a small code that quickly outputs and highlights metadata, tags, and opens a file robots.txt and the site map, can send search engine indexing requests.


A simple time-tracker Checkiant doesn't analyze sites or select keywords for a specific topic, but it's also useful for a site optimization and promotion specialist. It helps to  organize better the working process of the freelancer or the office worker. The idea is to track the time spent on specific tasks or working with specific sites. By keeping track of working hours, you can adjust your schedule and work more efficiently. Moreover, by making detailed reports of your work for a certain period, you can analyze each working day and correctly generate an invoice for the client. Checkiant also counts the amount of earned money if you get paid by the hour. If you work in a team, the functionality for working with subordinates will be very useful to you: you could analyze and control the work of each team member and monitor the timely completion of tasks.


P.S. Among the many programs for SEO promotion, we told you about the ones that the marketing department of our team really uses. Therefore, if you are a specialist in SEO optimization or want to become one , we are sure that these programs will help you very much in your work.





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