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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Top 19 programs for SMM Manager

To successfully promote a business in social networks, you need not only to create an account and fill it with interesting content. Programs for SMM can do a lot and the work of a smm specialist becomes pretty much pleasant.


1. SMM Analytics software

2. Managing publications

3. Easily and quickly creation of a visual

4. Productivity and the time management

SMM Analytics software


Keyhole provides a free but effective tool for analyzing of hashtags, keywords, and accounts. Facebook instagram and hashtags will display the number of clicks, top posts, number of shares, and so on.for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, you can view engagement statistics, as well as monitor your competitors.


The creators of Livedune position the program as a service for complex work in social networks. To grow your audience and increase your sales, they offer:

  • regular collection of statistics on Your accounts and those of competitors to analyze and create a plan for promotion of Your business
  • monitoring and working with comments;
  • ability to post automatically;
  • dashboard for conducting promotion in all networks.


Another useful free service for SMM, which will show the most important statistics on the account and will help you to make a choice. It works using artificial intellect technologies, which makes the analysis accurate and indicative. The service takes into account not only engagement, but also audience data and the growth rate of the number of subscribers.


Online service for analyzing content and audience interests in specific social network communities. However, one account in the service belongs to a single social network. With this tool, you can analyze data on your own pages and competitor's pages, get information about activity, the most profitable time ranges of publications, engagement, and content evaluation.

At the same time, the service can sort posts by likes and reposts. Facebook instagram, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Coub, Flickr and Pinterest are supported by Popsters.

Instaplus service

Multifunctional SMM program for instagram. Allows you to collect automatically data for promotion by hashtags, geolocation and subscribers. The program implements automatic search and putting likes and setting up automatic unsubscribing. You can also work with target accounts: search, subscribe, and put likes on a given filter. Given the features of simulating live communication and mass viewing of stories to increase coverage, we can say that this is a program for self-promotion of SMM in instagram.


Instagram Analytics for agencies and businesses. Using multiple accounts, managing a team, tracking competitors, reporting, and exporting data.

Managing publications


One of the programs for SMM in Facebook instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Viber, Twitter, and Facebook for automatic posting in social networks. Main function:

  • Publishing content on a schedule.
  • Posting of  Instagram Stories on a schedule.
  • Presence of geotags. You can add coordinates of your location in the service.
  • Working with short videos. You can post videos on Instagram.
  • Working with comments. Allows you to track comments under posts in the service.


Convenient SMM planning program. Allows you to schedule posts, hashtags, link links in the bio to multiple addresses, manage multiple accounts within the same network, and all networks on the same dashboard. At the same time, this program allows you to analyze the growth in social networks, make reports in the form of graphs and shows statistics for each post.


SMM automation service. Easy and nice program for planning publications in all popular social networks. It also allows you to create related posts.

The program offers advanced features for SMM in Instagram. For example, automatic posting of photos, videos, adding geolocation and comments. There is a possibility of direct communication and publication of stories.


Program for the SMM Manager, who deals with publications in various social networks. The proposed functionality:

  • one editor for creating content for all social networks at once;
  • working with Analytics page;
  • content calendar for scheduling publications - convenient to use working in a team;
  • import videos from popular sites;
  • import entries from your site.


Communicating with clients, working on promotion in the team, planning and scheduling publications - all this is possible with the Hootsuite app. The service offers a calendar for all social networks and the creation of posts with any content. For convenient communication with clients, there is a shared library of files, access to different channels in one place. The program helps to monitor the activity of clients and competitors.

Easily and quickly creation of a visual


One of the best services for creating layouts, images, posters, infographics, calendars and much more online. The free version offers a certain number of templates in each theme, icons and backgrounds. This is enough to create a simple and beautiful informative addition to the post.


Easy video creation for social networks. The service is attractive because it does not need to be installed on a computer, it is very easy to understand and anyone can create a good video - you do not need to be an expert in the field of video, because the designer offers a lot of templates, fonts, cooperation with photo banks (you can use cool photos for free). You can create a video for a post, for a story, an ad video, animation, and add captions. You can also convert between formats, save the finished video, add background music, and improve the video quality.


Free photo page with unusual beautiful pictures. There are a lot of artistic photos that can also be used in a commercial publication to make it look more distinctive and interesting.


Also a free photo page with non-standard photos. There are many categories for searching photos. There are even entire collections where photos are grouped by subject.


Everything for creating images, banners and advertising posters on the Internet is available on the Freepik website. Here you will find vector images, icons, even ready-made leaflets and posters, ready for changes in photoshop.


The Site, at first glance, useless for marketing, but it is great for drawing inspiration, coming up with something new, beautiful images, visual pages in the network. Just enter keywords in the search, go to the image that aroused interest, and then the program will give you cool similar images.

Productivity and the time management

Remember the milk

Programs for SMM specialists, which include tools for planning tasks for each day. The free Remember the milk program allows you to create a general list of tasks that can be grouped into different lists, add tags and places. You can set a deadline for a task you created, add a comment, a document from cloud storage, and even a responsible person, so you can use the app independently or as part of a team of marketers and managers.


If you are working without a clear mode or you find it difficult to manage time resources to complete tasks, it might be worth keeping track of time? The new< / span> simple time tracker Checkiant is a universal program that will suit both office workers and freelancers to keep track of working hours and earned money . To analyze what you are spending the most time on, just start the timer when you complete a task, and at the end of the day/week/month, view the report on completed work.

This set of programs and apps for SMM specialist turned out to be very versatile, because we want to help you as much as possible in your work. You could complete tasks quickly and efficiently, using modern multifunctional tools. We hope you have found a new way to solve your problems in SMM promotion.

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