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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

How to choose an app for employee time tracking

Have you ever wondered what your employees are doing right now? Almost all managers would like to believe that each subordinate is working hard for the success of the company at this moment or is thinking about how to work more productively on the next week.

But the fact is that such thoughts arise either from the boss, or from particularly hard-working employees. Others, however, will not deny themselves the opportunity to spend a few minutes, and sometimes hours, to " take a break on the Internet” during the working day.


1. What are the ways to track employees' work

2. How to properly prepare employees for working time tracking?

3. Types of time trackers

4. Employee monitoring: pros and cons

So, according to the results of the study “When change is the new normal” Microsoft employees spend about 50% of their working day on anything other than their duties. This, in turn, affects the overall productivity of the company. In addition, the Yandex search engine recently published an analysis of people's search queries at different times during the day. In general, people are actively looking for answers for work questions until 3:00 p.m. , in rare cases until 5:00 p.m. And only a few indefatigable IT develoers are improving their projects after midnight. All other requests during working hours are related to either entertainment or personal matters.

In this case, one of the most effective solutions to this problem is to use an application for employees' time tracking. Thanks to monitoring in this way, you will be able to see clear indicators of productivity and growth of both the entire team and each individual employee within a few months.

What are the ways to track employees' work

The modern market of software offers an incredible variety of apps for automating and optimizing most of work processes. But which employee time tracking software is ideal for your company? After all, testing each of them will take a lot of time. Moreover, there is no single solution for requests of different companies. Therefore, now we will talk about the most popular methods of working time accounting.

  1. Video surveillance. This is probably one of the most common ways to control employees. The manager can at any time make sure that the person is in the workplace and is doing something. But how useful is this “something” for your business? It's quite difficult to find out with the help of video surveillance.
  2. Control and access systems. Turnstiles, fingerprint or retinal scanners, and similar devices help you to find out everything about tardiness and absenteeism. But, at the same time, the ACS does not provide information about what happens in the middle of the working day.
  3. CRM system. It is activated as soon as the employee turns on the computer. It helps to plan clearly all the tasks and monitors their completion, prevent breaking deadlines.
  4. Time tracker. One of the easiest ways to keep tracking of working hours, monitor income levels, and discipline your own employees. And this is all thanks to a convenient interface, as well as ease of use and accessibility. By the way, simple time tracker Checkiant will help to make you sure of this right now.

In addition, there are other methods for employees' workflow control. For example, in one of the British banks Barclays have installed the Occupy tracking device on the desks of employees. The staff was not happy with this innovation, which led to a scandal. Therefore, it's important to properly inform and prepare employees for such innovations.

How to properly prepare employees for working time tracking?

In your company all the processes are carried out with full confidence, and the work is evaluated solely by the results? But over time, do you notice that productivity have decreased and the business is not developing? It's time to implement a system of employee control. To avoid problems with trust and motivation, you need to do this in several steps:

  1. Open Conversation. Ignorance breeds fear, so you need to explain to your colleagues the purpose of using such systems, their advantages and functions.
  2. Avoid negatives. Explain that the employee time tracking program will not be used for punishments and fines, but to increase the personal and overall productivity of the team.
  3. Answer all the questions. Employees should have access, at a minimum, to the information that relates to their work.

The support of your employees increases the chances of your success.

Types of time trackers

Currently, time tracker is one of the most universal ways to track employees' working time. Thanks to its wide functionality, it will be necessary not only for managers, but also for employees themselves. After all, in addition to the monitoring of the effectiveness of the work, such software allows them to avoid fatigue and become more productive.

It's important to understand that such a program for monitoring employees' working time as a time tracker is not just a timer that shows how many hours are spent on a particular project. Thanks to such applications, you will have a clear idea of what your employees are doing during the day, week, month, etc.

Some of the most necessary tracker functions are:

Creating of screenshots

  • This arbitrary mechanism significantly reduces the ability of the staff to "hang on” in playing solitaire or to deal with personal matters during the day. It's impossible to deceive such a tracker, because it is extremely difficult to calculate at what moment it will create a screenshot. YawareTimeCampTimeDoctor excellent cope with this task.

Sites tracking

  • To switch from an entertainment site to a work site you need just one second. The appearance of a diligent employee is created. But at the same time, productivity does not increase. Using a time tracker like RescueTime, you will be able to distribute sites by category. When you receive a report for a specific period of time, you can determine the level of responsibility of your team. For special TV series fans and those who depend on social networks, there is a function of sites blocking.


  • This point is the basis of success for any business. Divide large tasks into several small ones, set dates for each one, and track your progress. Congratulations, you are already a few steps closer to the goal and further from the burned-out deadlines.

Counting of earned money

  • We all can tell how much we earn per month. But do you know how much your hour, minute, or even second costs? Using a simple Chekiant time tracker, it will be much easier to find out these numbers. After all, you have the ability to set rates for each employee. Knowing how much a person earns and how much they could earn without being distracted by small things will make your employees more organized.

There are also many other useful functions in this app. For example, it will be much easier for team managers to keep tracking the progress of each task and, consequently, the achievement of the goals. Managers will receive comprehensive reports about the company's progress, revenue, and development in various forms of tables and graphs. And the ability to integrate time trackers with other services will facilitate communication with both office and remote employees.

Employee monitoring: pros and cons

There are two sides of every position. Using time trackers is not an exception. After all, in addition to the obvious advantages, in some cases, the use of time trackers will not be useful at all.

It is important to note that all the disadvantages of using employee control can easily be turned into advantages. After all, with a competent approach to the implementation of such applications in your company, you will notice positive changes just in a month. 

Value your time and teach it to your employees together with a simple and convenient app))

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