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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Checkiant time tracker for payroll and HR management

The success of any business depends primarily on the dedication and efficiency of the people. And the hourly remuneration plays a major role in staff motivating to work better and therefore earn more. After all, when a person immediately sees how much money he has earned for each working day – he feels the power to influence the amount of his income. And a simple time tracker Checkiant for working hours tracking and calculating wages will help you do this.


1. Payroll and HR management with a simple time tracker Checkiant

2. What does the using of Checkiant time tracker gives for a team?

3. Payroll accounting

4. How to manage the staff effectively

5. Efficiency of each employee and the whole team

6. Techniques for motivation increasing

For the business to be more effective, you need to know what exactly each employee is doing right now. When it's a small company with 10 employees, it's not so difficult to keep tracking of each employee. But in large companies with several departments, each of which employs dozens of specialists, it's much more difficult for the manager to control them. In this situation, to understand who really works for the benefit of the company, and who spends most of the working day looking at memes on the Internet, a program for personnel management — time tracker will certainly help. Time tracker counts the time spent on various projects and tasks, as well as helps for boss keep track of working hours for payroll.

Payroll and HR management with a simple time tracker Checkiant

Regardless of whether employees are remote team members or work in an office, each of them needs to keep track of the time spent on a particular job and the amount of earned money. For this purpose, a convenient time tracker Checkiant was developed. It can be used to increase productivity and optimize the workflow of the team. This time tracker has many advantages. Among them:

  • convenient timer with the calculator of the worked time and earned money;
  • clear and attractive design — everything is done in a concise style, nothing superfluous, only the most necessary. This program is easy and
  • fast to use;
  • there is a system of subordinates – managers can monitor the work of each individual employee, thereby managing the entire team.
  • access to personal data for managers;
  • history of rates – if the rate is changed, all previous financial calculations will be saved;
  • ability to sync the program in multiple tabs or on different gadgets;
  • automatic checkout at a pre-set time;
  • character named Checky.

The program only looks mere for first glance, but it's equipped with all the necessary functions that allow you to monitor the time resources of employees and their salaries, as well as to manage the team. Tracker is suitable for individual freelancers working for themselves and for large companies with numerous teams. Checkiant is an effective and intuitive time tracker, which allows you to analyze the effectiveness of employees, the quality and success of projects with automatic calculation of time spent on work and the amount of wages.

You just need to enter a real-time note about the task you or your team are working on to keep the whole process under control.

What does the using of Checkiant time tracker gives for a team?

Time trackers are designed for those employees who work hard, but can't complete all the planned tasks for the day. This app will also help you focus if you are always distracted by secondary matters and get tired after even a small amount of work done. Using this program, you can understand how important a resource like time is and that it needs to be controlled and used efficiently. And for this purposes Checkiant app was developed — an ideal team tracker that allows you to perform the following functions in the work team:

  • to control work done, completed tasks, and time spent on them;
  • to set hourly rates for each employee;
  • to calculating earnings – is a particularly useful function in teams with hourly payment;
  • analyze time to work with projects and clients;
  • create integrity in the team-the app will help you analyze the amount of work done, divide it between team members, between customers
  • and between performers;
  • to benefit each participant of the action-helps to analyze the productivity of a person at different times of the day, which improves
  • discipline, self-organization and self-control;
  • distributed across different OSS-managers can work on Windows, it specialists can work on Linux, and designers can work on MacOS;
  • provide the Manager with additional features, such as real-time tracking of the work of each employee, creating a hierarchy of employees
  • to optimize the workflow;
  • properly distribute work among team members, thereby increasing trust between them and uniting the team.

Checkiant time tracker offers a wide range of opportunities for office employees and remote team members.

Payroll accounting

Tracking of working hours and calculating the salary of your employees is an important point in the activities of every manager. This is the only one way to identify the weak member in your team, increase the productivity of your subordinates, and increase the profitability of your business. A time tracker for calculating wages will allow you to perform all of it. It will automatically make all calculations and analyze the productivity of each team member based on their hourly rates — pay only for productive, useful hours of work and plus 10% for a break.

It seams for the first glance that everything in the company is perfectly coordinated, and everything is going according to plan, but as soon as the person who did most of the collective work goes on vacation or on sick leave, everything immediately becomes obvious. It turns out that many team members don't work hard, shifting their responsibilities to others or delaying the implementation of many important tasks.

Using a time tracker, the manager can set the payroll in a way to motivate their employees. This can be done every 14 days, every two weeks, or once a month. The program will show the work done by the employee and immediately perform the calculation of wages with the combined accounting of working time. The employee himself can see how much he has earned over a specific period of time, which is exactly the most effective motivation for him.

Specialists that prefer hourly payment can use the payroll accounting program to issue invoices to customers. This is convenient, efficient, and honest.

How to manage the staff effectively?

You can use a time tracker to track a person's activity during their working day. The manager can see the periods of employee's presence or absence, the hours of his activity. You just need to install a program to track time on the device that the employees works with and get reports on how they manage their working hours. Time tracker helps you establish a hierarchy in the team, as well as:

  • record the working hours of each team member for a day, week, or month;
  • to provide the personal data of employees;
  • to increase the productivity of staff;
  • keep tracking of the number of hours and the cost of work on every project – helps you work the allotted number of hours without overwork or hacks;
  • increase the team spirit.

Thus, salary and personnel management — two important functions of successful work of employees will be configured correctly, optimized and balanced.

Efficiency of each employee and the whole team

Despite the fact that the payroll program motivates "office bees" very well, it is still not enough when it comes to the whole team work. The manager may need additional measures to control the work of his subordinates — taking screenshots of the screen in specific time periods, fixing open sites and applications, as well as displaying the time during which certain Internet pages were opened. This will help you understand whether the team members are working on the right project.

With the help of the working time tracker, you can identify members of the group who are not working effectively or analyze their workload compared to others.

Techniques for motivation increasing 

Any motivation of the staff should be voluntary, unobtrusive, and should not humiliate or lower the person's self-esteem. In order for an employee will want to implement a program to track their productivity, you need to let them know that they can easily turn on and off the time tracker whenever they want. It is clear that the manager will see all this and fix it, but the employee will have a choice and a sense of freedom of action. What other motivation  techniques can be used? 

  1. The award method – the best employee of the month or the employee with the highest sales rank, and so on.
  2. Сompetitive spirit – you can set a rating of employees' productivity that will be visible to everyone. This method allows you to create an atmosphere of excitement.
  3. Freedom in the distribution of time — for many, a flexible work schedule is an important criterion in finding a job and in its subsequent effective implementation.
  4. The method of joint activity – it can be outside of the work, when all team members perform the same task, for example, morning runs or team building.
  5. An effective motivation can be a joint vacation trip or visiting the restaurant after the successful completion of the project. It's important for bosses to show to their employees how valuable they are. To do this, you can congratulate them on their birthday, awarding them a prize.

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