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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Top 12 free Desktop management programs

Why do you need a program for remote desktop management? The answer is obvious, since such a program opens up quite a lot of opportunities. It allows you to access computer disks, start and stop applications installed on your PC, change system settings, view and analyze user actions on your device. Simply put, you can use it to do all the same things as on a local computer personal.

And you need to implement this function – an Internet connection and a high-quality program that provides remote desktop management.

Remote access programs become a bridge between a PC or mobile gadget and computer devices located around the world. Access becomes possible after receiving a key-password that allows remote communication.

This is a great solution for business. Additionally, to track the work performed by employees, you can use a simple tracker of working hours and earned money Checkiant.


1. 4 hits in the category of free extensions for remote PC access

2. Top 8 programs for professional use

3. AnyDesk.

4. AeroAdmin.

5. Splashtop.

6. RemotePC.

7. UltraVnc.

8. Chrome Remote Desktop.

9. Kickidler.

10. Screen Sharing.

4 hits in the category of free extensions for remote PC access

Most computer users need remote management programs to resolve personal issues. This is really very convenient when you need to help inexperienced parents and grandparents perform some operations on their PC: install programs, download music or movies, find important information, and so on. For such purposes, you don't need to download the paid app. The free software for remote desktop management in this case is what you need. Among all their variety, there are four top programs that you don't have to pay extra for:

  • TeamViewer – 24/7 access to your computer, multiple modes of operation and high speed of tasks completing. This is an universal program, as it's suitable for all types of mobile devices and is adapted to different operating systems.
  • LiteManager – have built-in not only classic tools, but also several exclusive features, including screen recording, inventory and remote installation. You can configure round-the-clock access. You can connect up to 30 computers at once.
  • Ammy admin – for working in a local network and over the Internet. The settings are minimal, which makes setting this extension very simple and straightforward. The interface is also very simple to use. It is characterized by loyalty and a soft licensing policy.
  • RAdmin – high speed operation and connection, built-in Intel AMT technology for connecting to the BIOS on a remote PC and its configuring. This software have only the basic, most important and necessary functions.

Top 8 programs for professional use

To choose the most suitable software for your purposes, browse the catalog of programs for remote desktop management, learn the characteristics and features of each of the options. After all, the choice depends on the operating system you are running on – Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux, iOS or Android.

The list of "Top programs for remote desktop management" includes:

  • AnyDesk
  • AeroAdmin.
  • Splashtop.
  • RemotePC.
  • UltraVnc.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop.
  • Kickidler.
  • Screen Sharing.

Let's look at each of them more detail to compare and determine their pros and cons in order to find a suitable solution.


The key difference of this program is the special technology for transmitting images from a remote device. The user doesn't get a whole image, but its changing fragments. This doesn't make the functionality worse, but it increases the speed of image translation. The work becomes quite comfortable and quick. Remote computer management via AnyDesk also features the ability to use a basic set of features that are available in the free basic version. Nothing unnecessary and low budget — two benefits of this program. AnyDesk has a user-friendly interface.

Considering all of the above, we put forward the following advantages of AnyDesk:

  • modern, intuitive design;
  • high image transfer speed even with fast connection;
  • availability of all necessary functions for comfortable remote work.

Among the disadvantages it is worth noting:

  • advanced functionality is only possible when you connect the paid version of the program;
  • no personal chat;
  • high cost of the paid version.

We can draw the following conclusion: for private use — it's what you need, even if you don't buy the paid version and will use only the basic arsenal of features.


The key advantage of this app is the ability to select the quality of the transmitted image and track the speed of your Internet connection. This allows you to create the most comfortable conditions by performing remote desktop management for free via AeroAdmin. As for the budget of this version of the program, it is really free, although with some restrictions. So, you can only connect to one device, while the commercial version of the program provides a multi-session. The tool has a high level of security and reliability due to the built-in encryption system.

The advantages of AeroAdmin include:

  • automatic selection of image quality;
  • broadband connection;
  • clear and easy-to-use interface;
  • ease of use due to the presence of a minimum of functions – the package contains everything you need.

Among the shortcomings we found only a few. Among them:

  • no personal chat;
  • you will have to pay money to get additional features.

AeroAdmin is suitable for service center employees who need to connect remotely to a single client computer to solve their problem. The program is also suitable for private use when you need to help a relative or friend deal with some issues on their PC remotely.

Splashtop Program

This is an innovative solution that provides remote computer management on Windows and Mac OS. You can work with a PC, tablet, or mobile gadget based on Android. The user of the program gets access not only to the maintenance of the remote device, but also can view videos, listen to music and play games that are available on the PC.

To better understand whether this particular offer is right for you, let's analyze its positive aspects:

  • it's intuitive how to manage the interface;
  • full access to media files;
  • high data transfer rate;
  • excellent image quality;
  • you can remotely control your computer from your phone or tablet;
  • ability to connect to multiple computers at once — up to 5 devices.

If we talk about the disadvantages, there is only one:

  • the main computer and remote devices must be in the same local network.

The Splashtop program is aimed more at computer games and is focused on mobile gadgets – smartphones and tablets. Great for business as well. The commercial version must be purchased.


The main distinguishing feature of the RemotePC program is its variability of connecting to a remote PC. The user can do this via a tablet, desktop app, IPad, official website, or mobile phone. All you need to do is create a personal account to get remote access.

Looking at RemotePC in more detail, we were able to find a lot of advantages of this program:

  • the ability to connect remotely to more than 50 computers at once;
  • support for Windows, Linux, and Mac;

The program also has some disadvantages, but they are minimal:

  • this software works only via WI-FI and Bluetooth, and not via an Internet connection;
  • additional features are paid.

This is a free remote computer management system, although this mode has reduced functionality. If you want to get the full version with advanced features, you will have to pay money. Experts say that the basic functions are quite enough for personal use or for solving work issues. This app is suitable for conducting master classes, various presentations and lectures.


This is a completely free extension for remotely desktop managing. And this is probably the main difference between this program and many other services in our list. Many different settings and functions have been implemented here. Another difference is the ability to create a personal VPN network. There are some nuances, including the need to enter an IP address. But this inconvenience was resolved by creating a plug-in inside the software which helps to make access to computers easier and more convenient.

Remote management of computers via UltraVnc is famous for the absence of restrictions on the number of devices used and on working time.

The advantages include:

  • allowed to install add-ons;
  • wide functionality;
  • absolutely free software.

But there are also disadvantages of the app. Among them:

  • complicated settings;
  • you will have to break your head to figure out the interface.

The program is suitable for solving complex and serious tasks. This is the best choice for system administrators who have to solve a lot of issues on different devices at the same time.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Very easy to manage program that will offer you a set of the most necessary functions. They are quite enough not only for private use, but also for solving professional issues. The Chrome plugin allows you to remotely control Android from a computer, an iOS phone, or from one computer to another PC.

The only inconvenience is that you can manage data on the device, but not share files. But management is available to other people's PCs with code generation or to personal computers under one Google account.

Now let's talk about the benefits of Chrome Remote Desktop:

this is a free program;
it's very easy to install and use the app;
easy menu, as only the most important and necessary functions are included;
you can easily manage your personal gadgets.

Among the disadvantages:

  • a minimal set of tools — for some, this is more of a plus than a minus. It all depends on what purpose the extension is downloaded for.

Chrome Remote Desktop is the perfect solution for technical support, administrators and remote customer assistance.


This is a completely new solution in the field of remote desktop management. Its task is to monitor the work of remote employees, which greatly simplifies the interaction between the employer and its employees. The Kickidler extension provides the boss with information about what his employees are actually doing during working hours.

The advantages of the program include:

  • total control of employees' work during their activities at the computer;
  • high functionality;
  • comprehensive settings;
  • data is collected in a convenient format – tables and graphs;
  • it provides an opportunity to really evaluate the work of each remote employee;
  • free technical support;
  • availability of basic tools for classic remote control.


  • youwill have to purchase the paid version if you want to expand the functionality;
  • not suitable for private use.

Screen Sharing

This is a solution for Mac owners. The main features of the extension are simplicity and convenience of management, as well as high connection speed. The user gets access to basic functionality for working with remote devices.

The benefits of Screen Sharing are simple:

  • it's a completely free offer;
  • very easy and intuitive.

There is only one significant drawback:

  • a minimal set of tools.

Suitable for personal use — helping family and friends solve some computer issues remotely.

Applications for remote computer use are a unique opportunity for a modern user to solve personal and professional tasks while working with PCs, laptops, tablets and other similar devices.

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