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A convenient and simple service for tracking time of work and earnings

Employee scheduling software for MAC – TOP 10 free apps

Every successful person knows how to manage their time. He/she always has a lot of ideas and plans in the head, and the days, weeks and months are planned in advance. Not to forget anything, and also to be able to adjust pre-scheduled tasks if necessary, they use time management applications. Such programs greatly facilitate the workflow of business people. Especially when it comes to managers of companies who need not only to plan their everyday life, but also to keep a schedule of employees, monitor the performance of their duties, productivity and efficiency of solving the tasks assigned to them.


1. Best Free Time Management Apps and Employee employee scheduling for Mac OS

2. Wunderlist

3. Checkiant

4. GoodTask 3

5. Todoist

6. Cleaner

7. OmniFocus 2

8. Microsoft OneNote

9. Evernote

10. Any.do

11. Simplenote

Best Free Time Management Apps and Employee employee scheduling for Mac OS

Quite often, it's not possible to get the desired results due to incorrect work planning. To avoid this, you can choose the best task manager. The following list will show you the top ten programs that will help you create, organize, manage, and synchronize tasks to achieve results faster and more efficiently. You can use them to keep your employees' scheduling for Mac OS professional and efficient.


Wunderlist is the staff scheduling software for Mac OS, designed to maintain a list of tasks. You can use for planning household or professional affairs. For example, you can share a list of tasks with a loved one or plan work on an important project. The program allows you to forward your documents, share them with others, and cross out tasks that have already been completed. And all thanks to the sync function with your mobile phone.

In addition to the ability for the manager to keep a schedule of employees for Mac OS, the Wunderlist app has many other features. So, the program allows you to:

  • to add new tasks to your plans, organize them, and plan things on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone with the ability to share them with other people;
  • to set reminders and important dates;
  • to djust plans;
  • to create subtasks, complete lists, and divide them into important, home, and other categories;
  • to work effectively in any place where there is an internet connection.

The program allows you to look all the tasks for each day with the "Wunderlist Today"extension.


The simple app Checkiant is designed to track the time and earned money instantly. It can evaluate the work of both the entire team and each of its members. This allows to understand how effectively and productively the team works, who is the weak link, and who is the leader in performance. Using the Mac employee work planning software for free on the official website Checkiant.com is suitable for businessmen, freelancers and managers of various organizations.

A simple time tracker Checkiant is endowed with many useful features:

  • monitoring the time that each person and the team spends on completing specific task and the project as a whole;
  • team tracking statistics;
  • maintaining the amount of earnings of each employee;
  • automatic sending of progress reports;
  • managing working active windows;
  • project adjustments;

The program is synchronized on different types of devices and is available in different browsers.

GoodTask 3

GoodTask 3 is a task manager, an effective work scheduling software for Mac OS, the main purpose of which is to create a plan of tasks and projects using reminders and an iOS calendar. It can be used as an assistant for planning tasks, so that you won't forget or let out something of sight, or for managing serious projects to achieve maximum results.

Among the advantages of scheduling software for Mac GoodTask 3 are the following:

  • the function of sync with calendars and reminders;
  • support for custom and recurring tasks;
  • easy to manage;
  • the ability to preview your to-do lists for the day, week, or month;
  • list filter;
  • quick edit;
  • duplication;
  • ability to delete multiple tasks at once;
  • switch tags and lists.

You can check the effectiveness of the program during the free period, which is convenient, since during this time it's quite possible to unleash its full potential.


If you need to choose simple planner for the team, but at the same time effective and multitasking, then Todoist will be a good solution. The program is a Mac simpel team scheduler that will allow managers and employees to plan their work, increase its productivity and quickly cope with the performance of professional duties. Todoist is suitable for managing work and personal tasks, for which its users have a wide range of opportunities, including:

  • quickly add projects and tasks without having to open different categories;
  • setting a recurring deadline for tasks that need to be completed frequently;
  • full display of each individual item in the list;
  • function for creating a folder with your favorite tasks;
  • task filter;
  • the balance of cases by priority;
  • delegation of tasks;
  • productivity and task progress tracking feature;
  • graphical display of productivity of a day or a week.

Staff planning software online Todoist will make it simple, interesting and fast.


Work tasks planningand makimg work schedules for employees with the Cleaner app will become much easier and pleasant. This is a truly innovative invention. The program doesn't have the usual interface elements, as in many other task managers. At the same time, it looks like a bright orange tile with the names of tasks. They are adjusted and controlled using multi-touch movements. So, they can be expanded, collapsed, enlarged, and so on. Among the advantages of the program are the following:

  • cleaning everything at once;
  • adding new tasks;
  • intuitive operation;
  • minimalistic design;
  • innovative approach in planning.

Now it's interesting to create an online team schedule, because there are no buttons in the app, and everything is done intuitively. This is a creative and exciting process.

OmniFocus 2

OmniFocus 2 is a program that allows you to create task lists by folders, groups, or actions, which makes it easier for the project manager to operate the personnel. It's interesting that the main screen of the program is represented by the current day and an actual to do list.

The main block of the task manager displays all the activities that are relevant for a specific period, filtered by execution time and importance. Among the advantages of the program, the following should be highlighted:

  • you can attach a media or photo file;
  • the function of creating a task with an action — write, call, send an email;
  • wide functionality;
  • adapting the interface for iOS devices;
  • ability to add a task of any section;
  • sleek design.

Among the disadvantages, it is worth noting the lack of blocking, that don't guarantee safety of business data, for which this function is especially important and necessary.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is one of the most popular programs that aims to organize the working day, increase productivity and efficiency of performing professional activities.

A special feature of the program is the interface, built from a line of notebooks, each of which has its own personal folders. In them, you can create personal information that you will need for different projects. You can create this information at your own request. Other functions are also available in the task manager. Among them are:

  • formatting;
  • adding and deleting tasks;
  • insert images and files in pdf format;
  • view all of the notebooks;
  • change the color of tabs, which is convenient for quickly searching for a specific folder or breaking them down by priority.

This is a very convenient employee scheduling software for Mac in large offices.


If you want to always have a to-do list for the current day that looks presentable and meticulous, then the Evernote Task Manager will help you. This is a very easy-to-use program for planning projects, time and tasks for managers, freelancers and office employees. The application has many interesting and useful features, including:

  • reading notes from various electronic devices – smartphone, tablet, desktop;
  • access on different operating systems;
  • the number of notebooks that can be created using the program — up to 250 pieces;
  • convenient search engine;
  • structuring data;
  • the ability to put labels on different notebooks and tasks for their rapid search.

Installing an additional extension for the PC browser, the user can save web pages partially or completely.


Any.do is a great task scheduler that has an attractive and eye-pleasing design that is also quite functional. The program settings for have the following features:

  • clear – to delete all completed tasks on the main page;
  • sync – sync your device with your personal Google account or official company service;
  • done – storing all completed projects;
  • shake – clearing the list of applications on the main page from already completed tasks;
  • missed call-by disabling this feature, a notification about missed calls doesn't appear with a suggestion for further actions with it;
  • theme – choose a light or dark theme for the app background;
  • first day – you can set the first day of the week - from Sunday to Monday;
  • tutorial – a concise presentation of all the features of the application;
  • sound – adjust the sound for notifications;
  • backups – creating a backup copy of tasks;
  • about – an excursion into the program, its features, and a story about the developers.

A huge plus – the application is absolutely free and there are no annoying ads.


Simplenote is a work scheduling software Mac that allows you to store lists, projects, ideas, creative notes, and much more in a convenient and stylish format. The sync function with other devices allows you to display your personal notes on all the gadgets with which the task manager has received a connection. Among the main features and advantages of the application, it's worth noting the following:

  • suitable for different operating systems and mobile platforms;
  • automatic synchronization and saving notes on all devices;
  • easy and intuitive searching by tags;
  • collective work with notes, you can send lists to other users;
  • automatic creation of backups of previous versions;
  • you can set the background of the interface — there are monochrome and color solutions.

This is a completely free program that great facilitates the organization of the workflow.

When choosing free staff scheduling software online, you should also pay attention to the paid versions, which offer trial period to test it's functions and capabilities.

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