Distance work

For many people, work in distance is the best way to earn money. Such an employment can be combined with traveling, children raising or favorite hobby. Working in distance, most of the time you spend at home (in cafes, libraries, and other places) without regular going to the office, meetings with people and a constant schedule.

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The time legislative

Do you feel that time is working against you? Our perception of time depends on a number of psychological patterns. They affect us every day, when we late for work or delay the delivery of the project.

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About development of Checkiant. Behind the scenes

Today we will take you behind the scenes of Checkiant. What and who is behind it? We want to share our goals and plans with you. So, let's begin!

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Every successful person does it

Each of us has ever heard the term "time management" and even tried to use it. Smart books were read and clear plans were drawn up, but in practice this did not have a positive effect. What is the matter: bad concept or wrong application?

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Everything you need to know about time

The concept of time very cleverly slip away from all attempts to interpret it. Our obvious ideas of the past, present, and future are not universal. Even dividing the year into 365 days, a day into 24 hours and an hour into 60 minutes, we still don't know what time is and how to use it properly.

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