Why time tracking will be useful for you

time tracking program

Why is it necessary to keep track of working hours? In the rush of days, we lose a lot of hours or minutes for absolutely unimportant things, even at the time of the workflow - the  employees are not always willing to work. Lack of motivation, disorganization, spending time in social networks and communicating with colleagues, long lunches or a general decrease of productivity negatively affect the result.

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Deadline - friend or foe

what is deadline

If the Gioconda had to be created in a month, Leonardo da Vinci would finish it on the night before the end of term. Know what that's Like.? But well-planned companies using time management, work more efficiently and better. Then why is the deadline for some people an opportunity to achieve their goals quickly, and for others — fatigue, lack of sleep and a constant lack of time?

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An effective time management for developers

time management for programmers

We keep on repeating that time is our most valuable resource. Therefore, the words "productivity", "time management", and "efficiency" are not just a modern business trend. For most people, time management is a useful skill. Time management for software developers is something you should apply when writing code. If you have your own company, it is not superfluous to familiarize yourself with time management for IT companies.

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How to easily and effectively organize your workflow at home

how to organize work at home

To work as a freelancer at home is extremely convenient, because you choose your own schedule and plan your day. But there are very common errors of time and workspace organization. Because of this, work efficiency is reduced and time that could be spent for private life is lost. If your daily schedule becomes chaotic and working at home on the computer takes extra effort, use a few tips to improve the efficiency of the work process.

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Top 15 reasons why we don't have enough time for everything

why we don't have enough time

 All successful people in their trainings inspire us with one idea: time is the most valuable asset in the XXI century. You need to spend it usefully - to develop new skills, learn something new, be engaged in hobbies, relax and work hard to achieve success and effectively manage your free time. But why is there not enough time for even a half of these business?

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