Every successful person does it

Each of us has ever heard the term "time management" and even tried to use it. Smart books were read and clear plans were drawn up, but in practice this did not have a positive effect. What is the matter: bad concept or wrong application?

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Everything you need to know about time

The concept of time very cleverly slip away from all attempts to interpret it. Our obvious ideas of the past, present, and future are not universal. Even dividing the year into 365 days, a day into 24 hours and an hour into 60 minutes, we still don't know what time is and how to use it properly.

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Of Time and the СHECKIANT. We are launching a new blog about the time tracking software development

Начинаем вести блог о продуктивности Checkiant

Welcome, dear friends!

Today is a significant date for us - we are starting up our own blog about the development process of our brainchild called Checkiant and personal & team productivity.

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